Wanan be a Host? Learn from our Leaders

Gordon BrownWhen it comes to hospitality, Pakistani establishment has no one parallel. Well definitely I am referring to the recent trip made by British PM Gordon Brown to Pakistan. Many like me were expecting that it will be a chance for us to show Great Britain that they did totally unjust and barbaric to our students, which they arrested a few weeks back without any charge.

Above all, Brown was also to be held accountable for what he said, when he referred that all terror links in UK and the world trace back to Pakistan. Well this aside, he was hosted in the best possible fashion one could imagine, and all that we heard that Brown was requested by our PM, to let the students continue there studies. Do I hear request? It’s a shame to see the attitude of the establishment. I mean this disgraced guest should have been shown the door straight away, for the crime he covered under the umbrella of British anti terror law. Against all diplomatic ethics, they did not allow councilor access to the students, a clear violation of International Law.

For the policy makers in Britain, we must make it clear that we don’t beg for admission in their educational institutions. Our students pay an average of 8,000 pounds to get education from UK. This is the money, which they use to ensure free education for their citizens.

And for Brown crying that we are terrorists and extremists, Mr Brown! Isn’t your actions the precursors for changing moderate minds into radicals. It wasn’t us who awarded knighthood to a Satan like Salman Rushdie? Can someone please explain what has he contributed to interfaith harmony? Disgusting.

And for our pious leadership, how much more you want to appease foreign powers? At least for once make us feel that you represent our voice. Make us proud by your actions, but the curse is that now we don’t have your words even to heal our wounds.

Its better that you leave the drama of grabbing aid, I believe every Pakistani can eat grass, instead of living in disgrace.

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