Walking Dead, Living Betrayed

Zombies walking dead living betrayed

Long ago read somewhere that laughter’s and happiness have long ceased to exist in human affairs, except for those who have mastered the art of disguising their sorrows into smiles. This simply holds true for Pakistan, and its 180 million Pakistanis in 2011. It’s a known fact that one can defend an external aggressor by hook or by crook, but once the foe stands with you arms in arms, even a wall of steel proves to be the one of sand.

The last 3 years or so, precisely with the new dawn of self rule and democracy in Pakistan have taken us back to the times where we unarguably stood after 1971. Politics and politicians have in one way or the other proven to be the termite, which is spearheading the decay of the very foundation which has housed them. Let it be Railway, PIA, Steel Mill, Rental Power or OGDCL, every single institute has been set on fire. If I exaggerate, let it be my limitation but I have been compelled to state that democracy and popular will has been strangled, choked and humiliated by those who call themselves to be the voice of our…. no they cannot be from us and they will never be one of us. The betrayal has been of such extent that I am forced to say that there is not a clash of interest, but rather a crash of interest.

I seem psychotic for being so unprofessional and harsh in my selection of words, but still feel that my conscience has kept me far away from expressing my heart out. An Executive which cannot ensure law and order and provision of basic necessities to the masses has no right to stay or claim his supremacy, let it be President Mugabe of Zimbabwe / Rhodesia or Yousaf Raza Gillani of Pakistan.  180 million nation is living on others mercy with no relief in sight while these visionaries are seen claiming success and praising their performance. No electricity, gas or food for us while President revealed

“We have delivered 80% of our mandate……………and we will make it 100”

Even a sick mind would jump to the conclusion that another 20% in this direction will guarantee every Pakistani a free stay in hell… and I expect that unlike Hajj quota scandal, there won’t be any one gifting a grand cruiser for the well executed rip-off.  The energy crisis remains the most vital element which has brought us to our knees, but  it is crystal clear that it’s our “crisis phobia” which portrays this picture, else as per our President version yesterday in a TV interview “All Iss Wellll ”.

If we try to broaden the spectrum of this argument, somehow the culprit moves from mis-governance intentional mis-governance, and there remains no limit to the charge sheet of follies vs sins. Today where the entire world is holding its economical assets to themselves with the clouds of depression circling, Pakistan’s policy planners have watched silently the demise of its industrial back bone. From textile to SME, investors have fled to favorable location like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. Patriotism of them is what kept them on this land so far, else business sense would have taken them overseas many years back. Their flight is logical, but what remains illogical is the fact that this closure and vacuum of industrial unit has left millions jobless across Pakistan, and especially in Punjab.

Now as per the interview yesterday, I feel that it’s mine and your limited vision that we see it as a crisis, otherwise this is a long term policy to make talented labor free for a worldwide “Black Water” style army for carrying the flag of “Hail Democracy” across the frontiers… marvelous!

Now we should not make a fool out of ourselves by stating that we are suffering from an energy crisis in terms of CNG. Again an empty brain like me jumped to this conclusion after witnessing desperate masses standing in lines spread many kilometers, just to access a fuel which they can afford. I thought of many versions. Why the CNG proved such a burden when mad analyst among us shouted that it is consuming mere 8% of the total usage. Even in case we had developed the ill habit of using an indigenous and eco friendly fuel, where is the contingency plan in case we ran into shortages. If common mad had the sole buying power of obtaining it and commercial consumer had the will of exploiting high rates while running on CNG, why haven’t the latter been fined, banned or barred from using this fuel instead of letting the common man suffer.  If a crisis like this had brought the whole state to a standstill, why the priority never shifted to the day and night execution of project like Iran Pakistan pipeline, even if it required redirecting entire brigades of troops or governmental machinery? Having lost the debate I again referred to the interview of my President and found that his mentioned evolution has geared up. We always felt that the nation lacked patience and discipline. With the rise and going out of control, the CNG crisis has tamed the 180 million masses of how to stand 3 hours in lines to fill their tanks, and in this manner  embark on a journey of patience and discipline. Visionary!!!!

Now let’s come to provincial grievances and governance issues. With everything hanging on the swing and the entire setup on the verge of collapse in case Supreme Court goes an extra mile in setting the issues straight, the Prime Minister has found no other problem but that of creating Southern Punjab. Yes, don’t you get it this whole fiasco is the result of not giving them the due right. It is their witchcraft which has run everything dry whether we take Railways, PIA, Gas reserves or fading FDI. So for this reason lets speed up the breakup of Punjab into uncountable pieces so that “Divide and Rule” will settle everything. Of course you and me were misinformed about the grievances of Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK. This is how nations face crisis upfront by burying their heads in sand, so that the desert storm passes by. Fabulous!!!!!!

In short, let your fate rest on the shoulders of a few who can see what we 180 million Pakistanis couldn’t. And stop breeding the conscience inside us.

May Allah Save Pakistan

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