Waiving the condition of mandatory uniform for College students

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Sindh Minister for Education Pir Mazharul Haq headed the meeting of steering committee in his office in which Education Department Sindh had decided that there would be no restriction on uniforms in schools and colleges of the province, while ajrak could be made an optional part of school uniform if desired so by the education institutes.

The decision if implemented, while opposed by the city council, will surely create a class difference among the students. A uniform is a symbol of social unity and discipline in institutions ending discrimination on the basis of students’ status. ‘Ek hi saf main kharay ho gay Mehmood o Ayaz’ will lose its real meaning.

In Pakistani society, where majority of people belong to middle class, it is hard to make both ends meet due to inflation for many families. Uniform is a kind of protection for them to hide their status (not because they are ashamed of it) in an educational institute, so that they can’t be disheartened or become the victim of taunt by their companions (as it is a common practice in colleges). The restriction will create a psychological status shock for many and also give rise to inferiority complex. Influence of modernism can be sky high. Students can’t be distinguished at public places or even in their college making bunking even easier for them.

I can’t understand the logic behind this decision and how helpful it could be to raise educational standards. Perhaps the educational department could explain it well. Our Educational system needs an overhaul not the uniforms. Uniforms should be mandatory and retain for colleges and schools.

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  1. @hina. Why do we always have to look at the west? I think we have our own identity as Pakistanis. Our identity is peace loving, tolerant people and not terrorist. I think we should not look at the west and try to follow them.

  2. Another thing is that it is easier to wear a uniform to school everyday instead of having to spend time thinking about what to wear the next day. While most people don’t like uniforms, including myself, we must think for the ones not so well-off.

  3. @Hina S: Marvellous Post. In most western countries there are no uniforms. While that is good for those well-off, for others it creates embarrassment, an inferiority complex and self-esteem problems. One additional benefit is that girls can’t come to school dressed inappropriately.

  4. Other than this I think the focus should be on the syllabus in these institutes. Free the student minds from the extremism elements that are somewhat taught in seminaries.

  5. The opposition of the city council regarding waving off the mandatory school uniforms in public shcool seems rather absurd for the reason being the most of the students are from the lower-middle/middle-classes and this is an additional expense for the parents who find it hard earn the bread and better. Perhaps the city council should focus more on how to prevent the extremist elements to penetrate the young minds because if public education is not affordable (which it is not for most of the masses) more parents will be forced to send their children to maddarsah’s that are unfortunately the breeding grounds for extremism


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