Waiting for Salvation


Moses was wind-blown, weary and had behind him throngs of people demanding an answer as to why he brought them out of Egypt into the desert to die. With natural eyes it appeared that there was no way out… Moses waited. God moved.

“And Moses said unto the people, ‘Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will show you today.”
Exodus 14:13 (KJV)

These verses were for Ban-e-Israel once but I recall them for Muslim, we are waiting for God, God of Ibrahim, Ismael , Ishaq, Jesus and Mohammad. He will help us. After Qana happening , It seem we have just come over from a heart surgery , Now It is not question of Sunii or Shai , Moderate or fundamental . We all are one, feel same pain. If at this time any cleric talks about Muslim inner differences he should be beaten on road publicly.

For Qana I see this impressive article written by Pat Buchanan , THE MORAL CULPABILITY FOR QANA, I don’t see Hazebullah as terrorist and the world also don’t see except Israel and America. They don’t run into others countries to kill people there , they are just resisting Israel, saving their homeland, as Lebanon defense force nearly doesn’t exist, I see a wide acceptance of Hazebullah character and efforts in this war. If unfortunately every member Hazebullah get killed in this war, they will raise again as who are children there will join it again and Israel understand that too, Qana attack was done for killing of future Hazebullah soldiers.

When I started this blog I thought I will write about Arthritis, there are many who seek help and some word of love & care around the world, facing diseases same dangerous as mine and some even more.

I thought I will share pain and depression , giving them hope and prayers regardless of religion or gender. Like I have ostero-arthritis which means breaking of cartilage and damaging surface lining of bones, it is dangerous but still reversible

Besides there are other type of arthritis like Rheumatic arthritis where shape of bone get changed … It is not happening to me but I can feel exactly the pain and depression of those people , I call them they are my relatives by pain I love all them wanted to listen you how you fight with life and your disease.

But with blood game in Lebanon everything blur-out from my mind ….my own pain, my life I am not feeling anymore. I just see ruined Lebanon and dead children bodies in my dreams we have less tears now but an unforgettable, unforgiving pain a shame to be not enough helpful for them.


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  1. nice writing …. well I fought cancer for 8 years and in the end I defeated it – I kept myself telling “cancer won’t kill me – the ‘thought’ of it will” …

    as for your 2nd issue – more like the tragedy of our time – I tried to write something … I dun like to write much but I can talk for hours though 🙂


    Allah help you with your sickness and blessings so you can recover from your ordeal. amin


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