Wah Cantt blasts, whom the real assassin?

History of Pakistan lacks neither facts nor figures in contemplating why this is the present we are facing today and what future we will meet tomorrow. The weak links in political setup because of personal motives have hijacked the fortune of Pakistan since long. At least the state that was founded on the basis of an ideology was not implied to make blunders on major issues like national interest versus personal interests of political individuals. The weak alignments have today resulted in this chronic situation where one cannot differentiate between right and wrong policies.

The ongoing and unending suicide bombings are result of the dictations government of Pakistan takes from US. On Thursday almost 70 people have been killed and 100 injured in a double suicide blasts in Wah Cantt. This blast took place just after a party in the coalition intimidated to quit. This blast targeted one of the country’s most secure and sensitive military installations. During a shift change when the workers were coming out of the factory after end of their shifts, the two bombs exploded. Ghaffar Hussain, whose nephew was killed in the blast said, “It was like a doomsday. We are finished, we are ruined.” Shahid Bhatti said, “I looked back and saw the limbs of my colleagues flying through the air,” The sudden blow of explosion stroke many on the ground. Spokesman for TTP Maulvi Omar has said the arms factory attack was to avenge air strikes on militants in Bajaur agency. He added that more suicide bombings will take place in major cities including the capital and Karachi until the operation is halted. Maulvi Omar also said that though Pervez Musharraf has resigned still his policies are in place.

No doubt suicide bombing has an overwhelming communicating power and is a symbolic act performed to achieve certain motives but in circumstances which Pakistan is confronting today; how can one identify who is the real assassin of these innocent people that are targeted in such incidents. Is it the government with its flawed policies and short sighted interests or is it the militant organizations that take pride for taking the responsibility of these attacks? Unless this distinction is made clear it’s not possible to sort out any strategy to tackle the ruined situation.

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