Vote is Power in the hands of Feudal

Vote is a power. No doubt about it. But in the context of Pakistani politics, the semantics are very much different, where biradari system and hard cash rules. Where majority lives in the villages, and the villages are controlled by Khans, Waderas, Chaudharies and Sardars, and where votes are sold in exchange of a lavish meal or some notes.

Vote is a power in the hands of these feudal. See towards the candidates of any party, you would find the feudal contesting the elections. From Chattas, to wattooes, to tarrarrs, legharis, mazaris, bijaranis, makhdooms and khans are contesting each other’s relatives, so no matter who wins, the power remains in their hands.

Vote has always brought change in Pakistan. It’s not a new thing. They have always put the loser feudals of previous elections inside the assemblies and this vicious cycle continues. Yes, there is an exception of MQM, the party which rules the Karachi and boasts of giving party tickets to middle class people. But the criteria to get ticket in MQM is pretty hard, as you must be a third rate crook.

Vote is for change, and the more the things change, the more they remain same in Pakistan

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