Volunteer work for Swat IDPs

Many individuals are working for IDPs of Swat and Malakand on their own or in groups besides NGOs and relief agencies/groups. This volunteer work is managed on their very efficiently. However, there is room for improvement. I would like to urge the volunteers who are connected through any means with each other for this noble cause should channelize their efforts to get satisfactory accomplishment.

There is a need to divide groups of volunteers in 4 different categories

Group A (Networking)

Group of volunteers who keep track of relief efforts that are in action through internet, personal contacts, and other means….they make list of volunteers, coordinate and provide with logistics, people and group of people who can help.

Group B (Fund Raisers)

Group of volunteers who raise funds and create means to raise funds through personal action and efforts.

Group C (Helping Hand)

Volunteers who can actually go to affected areas and work through the whole process of relief and rehabilitation.

Group D (Professional Assistance)

Group of doctors, teachers, artists and psychologists, who can take out time and travel to affected areas in group of 2 or 3….stay there for a week and then followed by another group of professionals and keep on rotating the inflow of professionals

This is just a rough sketch of how we can maximize our efforts and yield results. This is high time for action and each and every one can contribute in their own way to help IDPs.

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