Visiting Makro SITE Karachi? Get Ready For Rude and Lazy Customer Service

Visiting Makro SITE Karachi? Get Ready For Rude and Lazy Customer ServiceIf you take your shopping rights seriously, expecting quality products with friendly and efficient customer support staff, Makro, especially the branch at SITE Karachi, is not for you.

Makro quality was not up to the par before (check this report on Makro Karachi selling dead fish), but its their customer support staff that stinks the most.

Apparently, Makro SITE is overstaffed with incompetent and lazy employees who prefer to stay idle and group chat rather than assist customer with their queries. And they usually feel offended to the point of getting rude whenever they are disturbed from their chit chat.

To make my point, I would note two instances experienced in a recent Sunday visit to Makro.

When checking Samsung LCD TVs, I asked the support guy about the difference between two models that have price difference of around 7,000 between them. He said only difference is that one is a model from 2009 and other from 2010. How professional!

There was a bundle offer by Kenwood where an Iron was offered on purchase of a hand beater machine. As the product was not visible, I requested the support person standing nearby to guide me to the display. He rudely pointed at start of one row. Once I managed to find the hand beater, it was without the iron. I again requested the guy to show me the iron so that I can decide whether to buy the bundle product or not. He said the iron is not on display, and as it is a FREE iron it won’t be some heavy duty one. He seemed to be pissed off on my insistence of seeing a sample before making the purchase.

Considering the type of customers Makro SITE receives, usually people from SITE, Banaras, Nazimabad, Liaquatabad etc., it seems the staff is not interested in wasting their time on them.

Makro’s new slogan says Buy like a Professional. If I have to shop like a professional, I would avoid Makro at all costs.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Makro SITE Karachi? Get Ready For Rude and Lazy Customer Service”

  1. It should be very shameful for Makro management of SITE. I am regular customer of Makro and Metro both but most of the time I prefer to visit Makro of Star Gate.
    I humble advise to all customer please please not to rush bundle offers because it is for making you bundle. Secondly better to get electronic items from an authorized dealers. Both Metro and Makro staff not capable to sell these items. The LCD event is normal. The staff replied according to his best of his knowledge. Even in Makro motor oil is being sold by girls and it was a tough time for me how I could get rid of from that girl. She did not know anything about the oil but tried to convinced to get that motor oil. There are some good staff as well who always give to proper guidance but after arrival of bunch of girls, their interest got turned from work. In METRO at Gillette stall, a girl was standing. So I can I discuss which type of razor either two, three or four blade, I should use.
    My simple advise to all customer please please do not fully depend on such shopping area. You must know what should you buy from there which is cheaper than market or you can enjoy by watching staff boy and girl standing some corner keep talking without realizing that some customer needs their help. Generally if I saw someone like this, I do not disturb. I will try to find out stuff myself.

  2. Your incident of “LCD TVs”is really shameful for all makro staff.Mostly they hired very young staff they have no idea how to deal with customers.And ab’t selling dead fishes really aweful for everyone.Are they wanna decrease their market value.
    Now one taking any action ab’t selling dead fishes?


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