The past regime of PML-Q, symbolically headed by Shaukat Aziz, practically run by Chaudhary Shujaat and supervised and patronized by President General (Retd.) Pervez Musharraf, bowed out after causing much anguish around the country.

It was by no stretch of imagination a particularly refreshing and peaceful era for Pakistan. Our country suffered too many wounds in the years that have just lapsed after 1999. Most of the wounds were self-inflicted, and can be read as the ongoing struggle for power by its contenders in the years ahead. In retrospect, it all was a power game.

The ministers and party holders of previous regime say that the criticism is exaggerated, and people go over-board while doing it. They also criticize media for sensationalizing the news, but the thing is that not all criticism is wrong and misplaced. Media reports what it observes and sees, and actions speak for themselves.

After all these years, when the world is surged ahead, and our neighbors are hurtling on the path of peace and progress, we are still weeping for flour, sugar and water. The unfortunate thing is that there is no sense of urgency in the cadres of our rulers to mend the things. The blame game is everywhere, while no one is sincerely tackling the issues. The scourge of terrorism is another menace hell bent on destabilizing the country.

The caretaker government is temporary, and if it wants to have its name taken by regard and respect in the history by the posterity then it must focus its whole might on the holding of fair and free elections.

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