The feeling of being surrounded by an extremely violent world. A feeling that the experts believe fallacious then other eras we have known, according to scholars of social sciences, violence was more brutal and more frequent and the world has never been so secure as now. Yet, despite the high level of civilization makes us feel insecure and threatened.

I think our expectations have increased security, as well as a desire to lead a long and pleasant life. And from the end of ideologies, the weakening of religious faiths, what is called the secularization of the world, make us feel rather confused against the standards and values embrace during their existence. All end to direct ourselves to a small slice hedonism, a obsessive search for pleasure and fun immediate, money, career and power.

These are in my opinions the most obvious roots of violence. However, there are other reasons, more obscure and underground, but not less powerful. For example, the fact of living in society increasingly isolated and anonymous, to be subject of increasingly impersonal power, which makes us feel often defenseless and powerless. The bureaucratization of life, which is often necessary for ordering state organization, the economic power (the lobbyists, corporations, etc.). Makes us insignificant in the great equation of the world economy.

Furthermore, in my opinion, violence thrives on ground of excessive tolerance matured in some religious circles and intellectuals. So the criminal enjoys excessive justification, an excuse always tries to blame other things, like childhood trauma, social exclusion, family, school and society but these excuses are totally false.

And we must also be aware that violence is one of the possibilities of human beings and their behavior, it can be contained, but cannot be eliminated altogether from our lives.

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