Violating Hadood Allah

We, the Muslims of the world, are very well aware of the Hadood Allah imposed by the Almighty and conveyed to us through His Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Holy Quraan. The system given by Allah is perfect and is required to be followed as a whole. Allah has instructed that the followers of Islam should get in to Islam fully and not partially. The problem occurs when we take only of part of it and use it for our benefits. Violation of Hadood Allah such as theft, burglary, snatching of movable or immovable property may it be mobile phones, cash, jewelry or a piece of land or an apartment, having illegal sex with female’s own consent such as zina, or forcible sex called rape / sodomy, murder, murder during snatching, disgracing of a male / female, selling doubtful / adultered food items and life saving drugs, proliferation of dirt in the streets and work places, causing pollution of air, noise and dirt for the co-fellows, overcharging of profit in days of necessity, short measurement, creating discomfort for the neighbors and co-citizens, taking bribe for legal and illegal tasks, taking undue extra work from employees, immoral and non-societal marketing of goods which people don’t really need, wastage of resources like water, electricity gas, food items and other such things, putting undue influence and pressure upon those who can’t resist against you whether you are a father, husband, mother, mother-in-law, or a daughter in law, ; all the above said deeds are immoral. Some of them are cognizable under the current laws of the country and some go un-attended.

Whether our any of the above said acts attracts punishment by the court of law or we get escaped through our weak legal and judiciary system, with the help of lawyers and / or our so called wisdom and financial powers, the basic and un-erasable fact duly recorded by the video monitors of Allah’s net working system records that we have committed a crime and have broken and violated the Hadood clearly mentioned and demarcated by Allah. Now violation of Allah’s laws carries strict punishments. Every Muslim knows that in Islam, a Killer is liable to get death punishment while a thief deserves to lose his hand for the crime. A married person who commits Zina (extra marital sex) is liable to get punishment of death by stoning.

Islam is a complete code of life. For keeping a Muslim society, Safe, Peaceful and Just, Allah Almighty has defined a set of punishments for the criminals. No one has the right to change these laws. However, Shariah has never been practiced in Pakistan in its true sense. In Pakistan, there is no dearth of laws but hardly any of it is followed. Lack of fear of Allah Almighty, Corruption, faulty investigations and lack of judges has made Pakistan, a lawless country where laws are used by the powerful only to humiliate and punish the weak.

Inspite of the some so called Islamic laws and Other relevant laws of the country, the crime has risen sharply in Pakistan. Incident of Gang rapes, Murder, decoity and terrorism are multiplying day by day. Take the example of the Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, where on average 50+ mobiles are snatched at gun point daily, scores of females are raped and molested, there is never ending story of miseries and lawlessness. There is no effort by the ruling authorities to stop it which shows either they are the beneficiaries or silent spectators.

There is hue and cry of politicians (religious and non-religious) over Hadood Ordinance but everyone is silent over the above said really and daily committed crimes. Our country stands on top of the list of countries where Corruption is rampant. It’s considered part of business here. People are forced to pay bribes for their every day affairs. Kickbacks, commissions, background payments, Nepotism is echoed behind every deal. Public money is plundered by those who are made their custodians.

The current Islamic laws do not define punishments for these sorts of theft and dacoities. If dacoity means looting a person by force, then bribe is also form of dacoity because people are forced to pay. Profiteering is also form of dacoity because buyers are forced to over pay. Even if we commit the above said crimes and escape unpunished by the prevailing legal system, we should never forget that out of us who are indulged in these heinous crimes are breaching and violating the Hadood defined by Allah and are liable to be punished as per the law of Allah.

Allah Almighty can punish individuals by making him sick or putting him in an accident. Society as a whole may be punished by calamities and disasters. If a person commits burgley / dacoity he may loose his hand /and or leg in an accident. A persons committing Zina or rape may be killed in an accident or by a calamity. So he should not wonder on that. He had actually been sentenced to death by the law of Allah subsequent to his crime having been electronically captured by the divine monitoring system.

We need to ponder whether we would like to be punished by accepting our crimes before the worldly courts of law or get punished by the fierce forces of nature. Choice is ours indeed.

By a conerned muslim

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  1. We consider religion an individual matter. This has created an incompatibility of nature of people of Pakistan with the laws of Shariya. Unfortunately, we don’t have sense of nationhood. How can we have a sense of being an Islamic nation? Fear of Allah is an ultimate outcome of Love of Allah. Do we Love Allah more than anything else in the world? If No, we can never have the fear of accountability before Him. And its only Fear of accountability with the help of which these laws can be translated into practices.


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