Vanishing Species

Gorillas and underwater weeds are vanishing speedily. The world conservation union has issued a list of all such endangered species due to environmental changes. They have pointed out that they will vanish out in the very near future. Though several Governments have promised to take steps to stop all this till 2010 but they are doing nothing significant for it. The world conservation union’s director Julia Martin has also reported the same.

The American environmental specialists have stated that this is all because of the rising temperature of the environment causing the ice glaciers in the south to melt quickly. This will cause the species of bear in that region to reduce to one third.

In Nepal rhinoceros have been preyed and so they have been reduced to less than four hundred, which was more than six hundred in the year 2000. Actually the rhinos are killed for gaining their horns that is absolutely illegal.

It has been tried to create awareness about the environment in Pakistan as well. But here the forests are rapidly being cut to make use of the wood for furniture and construction and so the wild animals are endangered. The cutting of forests and the use of anti pest sprays and medicines have also added to killing of wild species.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered CDA and the four provinces to survey industries and plants causing environmental pollution. Thus, environmental tribunals have been established in all the four provinces which will carry out surveys of factories and industries.

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