Using Unnecessary Injections

Have you ever thought that why a healthy person falls ill. There may surely be some reason behind this.

God has made man very close to the nature but man when trying to achieve his desires crosses the natural barriers. This endeavor of man makes him vulnerable.

Now-a-days the trend for unnecessary injections is increasing. According to a survey, a total of 12 million injections are being used every year in the developing countries, of which 70 percent are unnecessary. 70 percent of the Pakistanis live in the rural areas where there are almost no basic facilities of health. In such areas people rely on uncertified doctors and whatever they suggest is acceptable at the cost of money. Moreover the syringes are not disposed off properly or are used many times on different people. This leads to many diseases which may be epidemic or even deadly.

Thus injections may give timely relief but with passing time, the side effects start to appear.

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