Using Mobile While Driving

Mobile phones, cars, and using mobile phones while driving have become an integral part of our society. An alarming and rising trend on the roads is the usage of mobile phone while driving. Its fast becoming yet another dangerous fashion. Especially young try to show their skill in mobile phone handling while driving.

Distraction caused by the ringing of mobile phone is inevitable during driving and it could prove fatal, but hardly anyone cares and most of the people prefer to receive or make a call during driving.

What drivers don’t realize is that while attending or making the call, they could encounter an accident, which could have been easily avoided had they put their cell phone on silent mode or ignored the call while driving.

It’s common sense that if a driver talks on his cell phone while driving, its but natural that he concentrates on what the caller is saying and he might do something crazy while driving. But most of the youngsters think that they could manage the mobile phone and driving simultaneously, which is nothing more than their rush of blood and which normally results in a tragedy.

Using mobile phone while driving is a violation of the traffic laws and normally the fine ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200. But the problem is that there is no awareness among the populace and most of them consider it a normal and valid thing.

There are some modern gadgets like bluetooth in the cellular phones. The drivers think that by clipping the gadget in their ears, they could not be distracted. But the real problem is of the distraction of attention, which is also caused by the usage of blue tooth and likewise devices.

There is no effort on the part of traffic police to start any sort of campaign to raise awareness among the people on this critical issue. This wouldn’t be a bad idea if a nation wide campaign is launched through electronic and print media in this regard.

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