Using Limewire

Many of you would listen to the songs and might have a great collection. Still sometimes you might have felt that you were missing some old or new song in the collection. Some would have visited many sites that offer the movie songs or searched on Google but did not succeed.

Have you heard about the Limewire? Hmmm… I knew, most of you must be reading this word for the first time or have just heard about it. This is special software based on the Peer-to-Peer technology, where two computers using this software automatically build a direct connection for sharing files. This softwar can be used to download any songs, whether old or new and of any artist.To use limewire, follow these instructions:

– Write “limewire” on Google.
– Download the software.
– Install it on your computer.
– Connect to internet.
– Run the application.
– It will automatically connect to different computers and if not open “File” fro menu and click on the tab “connect”.
– If you want to download any song, click on the “search” tab.
– Write the name of the song or the artist or the movie and click on the “search” button below it. This will return all the matching songs, artists or movie in the right window.
– To download the song, right click on it, a menu will appear. Now choose to download the song with only “mp3” or “rm” extension.
– These songs are saved in the shared folder.
– The location of shared folder can be known when installing limewire. Still if you cannot find the shared folder, it might be in C:\Documents and settings\administrator\shared.
– If you have installed windows in D drive and working in non-administrator account, then the path would be D:\Documents and settings\name of account you are logged on to\shared.

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