User Centric View

If we’re not heeding to our users or customers or potential customers, we can’t possibly know how to apply our specialized knowledge to enable them solve a problem or do something amazing and useful. So in this regard, we have to put extra bit of an effort to pay extremely close attention to what they want and need, but innovation and implementation is primarily best left to developers. There are galore of studies that show that what users say and potentially believe they want and what they really want are more often than not different and potentially in conflicting state.

The most user-centric view is the one that does the best we know how to do on behalf of our users, whether it’s what they’d choose or come up with or not. That sounds a shade like “developer knows best”, but in many cases, that’s exactly right and proper way to go.

Giving users more options than they know what to do with is a good way of ensuring they stay away from your product as much as possible.

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