Useless Violence in FATA

Taliban militants killed a provincial government spokesman in eastern Afghanistan overnight, during an attack on his house that also injured his wife and two relatives. That and the activities of the Talibans in Khost, Farah, Paktika and other provinces especially in the North and South have increased dramatically.

As the Kabul administration fails miserably to tackle with their own problem, they have started accusing and blaming Pakistani forces and security agencies for the violent activities in the Afghanistan, and now they are pressing upon the Americans to punish Pakistan for these activities.

The recent visit of United States presidential candidate Barack Obama was also exploited by the Hamid Karzai the Afghan puppet President and Obama also pressurized Pakistan by saying many unjustified things. He may needs votes, but that must not come on the expense of Pakistan.

But local Talibans in Pakistan also take some heed, and they must not threaten the NWFP government. he deadline given by Tehreek-e-Taliban to the NWFP government is going to be expired today and Talibans are reiterating their threats to the NWFP government and that is making the matters more alarming.

Use of force and violence would only harm the country and the Islam.

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