USA – A society where everyone value women rights !!

A society which blames the Muslims for ill-treating women… A society where Judiciary is free, independent and effective… A society which jumps into other nations’ issues without any invitation…. A society where the media is repeatedly broadcasting a fake video of SWAT girl flogging… A society whose ambassador to United Nations has raised this issue in UN and influenced the UN Secretary General to speak and condemn it, without first checking the authenticity of the video. This very same society, this very same country has some stories of its own that is not made as public in international media as the media of US publicizes the stories of Muslim world, especially Pakistan.

One such story is of a woman who had been attacked in full view of a New York City subway clerk, then dragged down the steps onto a deserted platform where she was raped and raped again, the assailant not stopping even when a subway train pulled into the station. The train stopped at the station, the conductor saw whats going on, had eye contact with the victim, and then moved on for the next station. The woman was raped, and raped again at a public place and nothing was done. She then rang the bells of judiciary – free and independent, and very effective, judiciary. The case proceedings were speedy enough to reach a final statement. The judge told her that: “…. transit workers who saw her being attacked had no obligation to do anything to help her other than to signal their superiors that police were needed at the station”… The point to be noted is that they had no obligation to even call the police themselves, they could only signal their superiors. One wonders whether the superiors had any obligation to call the police too or not.

Some might think and argue that there is nothing wrong in the case above. Any individual in his/her own capacity is not obligated to fight with any criminal or assaulter and the best that one can do is to inform of the incident to higher authorities. They may argue that women rights are valued and protected there as a basic principle and by the government functionaries. An argument that is fair enough, but only till the time we watch the following view where government functionaries – not one individual govt officer but collectively – are actively engaged in “protecting and valuing” women rights.

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