US Targets ISI

While Yousuf Raza Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan shakes hands with the Bush, and promises is full cooperation with them in any regard, the following report is published in the US media:

A top CIA official traveled to Islamabad this month with new information about ties between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency and militants operating in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the newspaper said on its Web site late Tuesday. Its sources were American military and intelligence officials it did not identify. The Times said the CIA assessment pointed to links between the ISI and the militant network led by Jalaluddin Haqqani, which American officials believe maintains close ties to senior figures of al-Qaida in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The CIA has depended heavily on the ISI for information about militants in Pakistan despite long-standing concerns about divided loyalties within the Pakistani spy service, which had close relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

ISI has just recovered from the failed blow of Asif Ali Zardari, in which Zardari tried to take over the ISI through Rehman Malik, and now such report has surfaced. These things have become now part of routine, and at one side US claims cooperation with Pakistan’s premier agency, and on the other hand such reports appear.

This tells the story of US’s friendship with Pakistan and their regard towards us.

8 thoughts on “US Targets ISI”

  1. @indian
    let the US come…………atleast we wont beg them to give us nuclear security or a nuclear deal…………they are still holding onto there GPS in afghanistan while we are routing those Raw sponsored agents back to there rat holes…………

  2. he world’s number 1 terrorists are Indian intelligence agency RAW and Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD both are terrorizing the world and specially they are working against Pakistan through Afghanistan.

    indians and Israelis only threat to the world

    so Indians and Israelis are terrorist in the world they are funding to the Talibans and AlQaeda they wanted to make Pakistan weaker .

  3. hi pakistanis
    i congratulate u for making such a notorious spying agency like ISI
    It has really done a great damage to india. u could not surpass india in the economic front and political stability but have really done a great work as far as intelligence is concerned. after USSR now even US is suffering in the hands of ISI.
    plz tell me whether RAW is doing something to disturb pak or not.
    all the best for possible future US attack on U.

  4. America cannot be a permanent friend of anyone. As long as the Taliban were useful to it, they were America’s friends. And now that the. And now that the U.S. is in hot water in Afghanistan, they need an excuse, so it accuses the ISI of helping the Taliban.

  5. ISI has its own strategies. After the failure of takeover of ISI by Rehman dakait, now the US is offending more openly the only premier intelligence service of Pakistan, ISI.

    As the ISI was key in destroying Soviet Union, It had links with the officials of Talibans. That is why, to gain access to those records or contacts, US wants PPP to takeover / control the ISI.

    Although Mushi’s strategies went wrong but he was an armed personal. He still is loyal to his country but never all the strategies you make are good enough. I have firm believe in our Army that it can withstand any other force of any other country.

    Pakistan Zindabad !

  6. ISI is and will remain the premier Inelegance service of Pakistan ,India is scared of ISI so is USA ,ISI destroyed Soviet Union and InsAllah it will destroy USA as well.But first please ISI kick PPP ,PML N Q F G H everyone out of this country Mushi as well.


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