US Quest for Osama Bin Laden continues in Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden

The quest for invincible Osama bin Laden by America seems to be never ending. He had became a nightmare for US officials over the years and keep irritating the intelligence agencies by releasing his audio or video tapes every now and than to ensure that he is alive. Recently before the Speech of Barack Obama in Cairo, following remarks of Osama were aired by Al Jazeera television.

‘U.S President Barack Obama had planted the seeds of “revenge and hatred” towards the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences’.

The scenario becomes now Obama Vs Osama. Only time will bring the truth about the genie of Laden.

CIA Director Leon Panetta said that the U.S. intelligence agency believes al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan and hopes joint operations with Pakistani forces will find him. Bin Laden remains one of the CIA’s top priorities.

“I guess one of our hopes is that as Pakistani military moves in, combined with our operations, we may have a better chance to get at him,” Panetta said.

Asked whether he was sure that bin Laden was in Pakistan, Panetta told reporters: “The last information we had, that’s still the case.”
The CIA has increased the number of officers and recruited agents, or locals who provide information, in Pakistan, Panetta said.

“We have a number of people who are on the ground in Pakistan who are helping us provide targets and who are helping us provide the information that we really need to go after al-Qaida,”.

CIA will spend nearly $250 million in the next five years to double the number of intelligence officers that are proficient in a foreign language. Less than a third of CIA analysts and overseas spies are proficient in a foreign language. The US intelligence reports about fatal weapons in Iraq proved wrong and now they are claiming that Osama is hiding in Pakistan making another reason to continue drone attacks and their ‘Incoherent dealings’ with Pakistan. Apart from his activities, I must praise Osama Bin Laden for being such individual who is testing the super power for so long now and still a hard nut to crack for them. It makes him extraordinary for sure.

Image Source: Long War Journal

8 thoughts on “US Quest for Osama Bin Laden continues in Pakistan”

  1. @Hamid: Horrible, yes. My son, on his way to work in Manhattan, watched the biggest buildings on earth fall; he was a fourth of a mile away, on a subway platform. A female college friend of his was killed in it, age 27.
    But we got the message, instantly. I had 60 TV channels, and on every single one of them, the very next day, what had been mostly white faces of TV announcers were replaced with every ethnicity on the planet. They did it so fast, it was almost as funny as the sight of our courageous leaders scurrying for their bunkers.
    Regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, the first few months brought a lot of pithy satisfaction at paying them back, but it soon became just a nasty job that had to be done. Saddam was a monster, and Afghanistan was a huge, growing hornets’ nest.
    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it has taken you guys this long to see what Al-Quaida and Taliban really are–they are more like you than me by ethnicity, on the surface, but they’re not really like you and me at all. They’re just little tyrants, thieves, bandits, murderers, hiding inside Islam, but not really Muslims at all. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with them up close yourselves to see it.
    Do you Pakistanis realize that you may be saving Islam, and in the process, possibly the whole world?
    Evil? Inside every adult human is a big, predatory animal, trying to take over. We’ll see more of those who are not strong enough to keep it caged. They’re easy enough to identify.
    I agree with you, Hamid, that our policies could use some work, but there will be those who resist, and it’ll probably have to get worse before it gets better.

  2. @James
    One is really left thinking if I start working on your lines,,,,but I have some other areas to focus my mind………..
    with due respect US faced this on a single day………..which was undoubtedly horrible………agreed,,but what about the 7 years of hell unleashed on Afghanistan and Iraq,,,,,,,thats what is more important………
    with refrence to your theory that evil will rise in one shape or other……………..i believe many around the corner will be hiding there faves………..coz its there policies that let them flourish……….time and time again

  3. Hi, Hina, Hi, Gentlemen: I don’t think it matters if OBL is alive or not. Some say Kim, Jong Il is dead, too. The hydras remain, with many snapping heads, and any of them are good enough to chop at until the black beasts are dead, dead, dead, and a new monster arises elsewhere.
    Do any of you see the dark symbolism in the magnitude of the “smoke and mirrors” shown to the world on 9/11–burning jet-fuel and dust, and acres of broken, mirrored glass? One wonders, besides 3000 lives, what kind of documents were destroyed then, and who gained by their loss. Some brutal desperados, somewhere, are laughing inside. We’ll probably never know who they are for certain.

  4. A part from the fact that He is alive or not I agree with you on
    “The Americans continue to pretend they are searching for OBL as they feel that they have to have a hate figure a bete-noir to justify the continuing war on terror”.

  5. Re continued search for Osama-Bin-Laden.
    The US for reasons known only by itself is quite prepared to continue the myth that O B L is still alive when anyone know the he was killed 4 or 5 years ago by US bombing in his mountain hide away in Pakistan.
    Ever since than of course there have been numerous videos and audio tapes issued purporting to be O B L,but in these days when anyone with an extremely cheap videocam or mobile phone can up with a perfectly clear image or sound recording,all we get from Al Jazeera are fuzzy crackly videos and audio tapes that are so indistinct it is a joke.
    It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that the videos are made using a look alike and the sound recordings could be made very easily using an actor.
    The Americans continue to pretend thay are searching for OBL as they feel that they have to have a hate figure a bete-noir to justify the continuing war on terror,Howewver the man in question will NEVER make a live appearance on TV or Film in verifyable condtion,out in the open, or in a studio side by side with other identifyable Muslim leaders for the simple fact that HE IS DEAD..
    Why does the Muslim world carry on with this farce.


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