US Drone Killed Baitullah Mehsud? Really?

Its now official, the most feared warlord and Chief of TTP Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a drone strike along with his wife two days back. This calls for a national jubilation as we saw in Sri Lanka after they killed Tamils Chief. But I don’t expect so. Baitullah has been killed by a US drone, and I emphasize this because 99% Pakistanis have till now accepted the fact that Baitullah was operating on behalf of Americans. Now there should be no shock if US stills kill him, because may be his capture could reveal a mountain of classified information, or in the second case US was never at his tail.

Its too early, but don’t know why his death seems a bit non practical. A decorated evil commander, who has a fleet of sophisticated drones after him and an entire army searching him every where, gets killed along with his wife at his father in law residence, seems a bit odd. US eliminating Mehsud does make sense, but all along the way we have debated that US is not the only actor operating in destabilizing Pakistan. Ofcourse how can we stop short of giving credit to India, Israel and Russia for thrie backstabbing and funding. But this leaves us with another question. In case Baitullah was an American agent and he was dumped by US finally, how can these actors stop short of exploiting a character like Baitullah.

To take this view on record, we are not talking about a warlord situated in the caves of tribal areas. His rise to power, his operations and his activities clearly reveal that he was not a novice. All along his career, he has successfully ditched Pakistani establishment in the name of fake peace deals. So does this mean that Baitullah was a double agent even to the Americans, and he even cheated them when it mattered.

If this is the case, one cannot rule out that may be Baitullah has in some way disappeared from the scene, by making up this story. This is a quiz which unfortunately will not be answered as the time will pass, but an extra ordinary high level investigation can reveal the real story. For the time being, lets say Bye Bye to Baitullah and move ahead. Just for a reminder, he was next to Osama and Zawahri when it comes to international terror heads. Even Times rated him in the list of most influential people.

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