US Changes Strategy for Pakistan

Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Adm Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have declared that they are going to change gears regarding the role of Pakistan in the war against terror, and to meet their objectives they would adopt every overt and covert means, and that practically means an open war in the Pakistani areas of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), bordering Afghanistan.

The U.S. military, faced with rising insurgent violence in Afghanistan, will revise its strategy for region to include militant safe havens in neighboring Pakistan, and now they are reversing their focus from Iraq to the Afghanistan, and as Iraq has been thoroughly destructed, and the oil is captured, now all the watering mouths of US are on mineral rich and strategically important Afghanistan and the FATA area.

United States is also giving the lollipop of multi-year package for economic development of Pakistan.They are saying that they have taken the new government in confidence and will work hand in hand with them. These statements are so reminiscent of the evil Musharraf era, when the same things were happening.

United States changes strategy, but the strategy of our elected representatives is the same as ever. They are still coward beggars.

2 thoughts on “US Changes Strategy for Pakistan”

  1. I agree. The problem this time around is not just that they are coward beggers (that they are…no question about it). But the President of Pakistan is the biggest soul seller of this generation, and he won’t blink twice if he’s asked to sell Pakistan to US for a few million dollars.

    Both Musharaf and Zardari have one thing in common:

    They are/were both dictators. (The only differene is Mushi was an army man and wanted to solve all matters through brute force, Zardari would wag his tail to anyone who shows him ‘green’. Also a dictator is a dictator whether he’s elected or not. SO WHAT IF HE’S ELECTED …BFD…Election is ONLY a part of the whole democratic process. The democratic process shouldn’t END when elections END, it should BEGIN from there. The minute our PMs and Presidents take the hot seat, they take the power to their heads and say “So long” to democracy).

    You’re also right about their (US’s) stragtegy. It has become more aggressive. Does anybody ever wonder why? I’ll tell you why.

    Knowing Zardari (and trust me, EVERYONE KNOWS ZARDARI… even three year olds call him a ‘Daku’), if US tells him

    US: “Hey Mushi was a dumbass, a coward and what not…but he was man enough (or maybe afraid of his nation enough) to refuse to take money from us so screw him… but we know you’re soul less…how about we give you more power than you could imagine, more money than you could think of, and more security than you could dream of…how does that sound???”

    Zardari: “Woof!! I know I know, don’t even explain it to me, I already know. My answer is YES!..Mushi told you that you can fly into our territory, bomb our civilians asses off and I won’t ask a question Right?”

    US: “Right…so what do you got?”

    Zardari: “If you give me the right price, I’ll let you land your choppers on our land, send your military ON FOOT to any house they want, kill, loot, murder, rape anyone they want and I will look away…Howzat!”

    US: “WOW!! This Mr. 10% is better than the DEVIL himself…We love him already!!! YOU’VE GOT A DEAL”

    ….And that my friend is how the US has changed its strategy.

    Pakistan se ZINDA bhag!


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