US “LADIES” Makes A Run For Their Life!

In case the heading caught you offguard, let me break this thrill at the start that it’s the US Marines in Afghanistan that I have addressed. As our 30,000 troops have entered one of the most significant battle ground in this entire “war on terror” i.e Waziristan, one would have expected the ISAF/NATO troops across the border to be on their toes for this final push. But see what is happening on the ground! They have found it better to vacate their key posts along the border. I can think of no other meaning than a solidarity gesture with Taliban. In other terms General Mccrystal has given the verdict.

“Hey Taliban! feel at home in Afghanistan in case they have decided to uproot you”

I am still stuck with the magical term “AFPAK” coined by Obama, as his new name will solve every thing. Just watch the pundits all around the clock on BBC and CNN talking rubbish about Pakistan tribal areas and bla bla. I wonder if they will come up with the theory that it was the noise pollution from Pakistani artillery which compelled them to take a troops out?

The oldest democracy, its time that you stop yourself being fooled by this drama. The war or “crusade” started by Bush is still on the agenda. Your action of nobility will infact very soon bring the whole civilization to a brink of war, and if it happens God knows whose mediation will work? Wake up and ask your leadership what are they upto in Afghanistan and Iran. Else, Rome will be set ablaze and you will be asking yourself was it another 9/11?

Buck up Pakistani army, May Allah grant you success on the mission you have embarked, and we are all with you by “heart and soul”.

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