Uproar as a Protest

Processions, strikes, public meetings, dharnas, and speeches by the leaders and workers of all parties throughout the country against the US drones could perhaps put the message across to the world community to put pressure on the United States to terminate the attacks the Pakistani territory and people.

Besides of assurances from the NATO and ISAF generals to the Pakistani authorities, both civilian and military, in terms of not attacking the sovereignty of the country, the drones and missiles attacks are going on. Though it is being extensively reported by the Western media that these attacks are very successful and each attack is precise and kills the Al-Qaeda operative, nobody has ever managed to get a proof of it.

A U.S. spy plane fired two missiles early Saturday at the house of one Khaliq Noor in Alikhel area of North Waziristan, killing five people, including three foreigners, and injuring six others. Al-Qaeda’s operatives Rashid Rauf and Abu Al-Asr Al Misri have been reportedly killed in suspected U.S. missiles strikes. But once again nobody has seen any bodies of these operatives and there is no proof that from where they came and what they were doing in the area.

Another burning question is that why doesn’t US and NATO authorities inform the Pakistani authorities to take action and why they kill these operatives instead of apprehending them?

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