Uprising in Egypt: an Impact of Tunisian Jasmine Revolution?

tahrir square cairo egypt

Tunisian revolution has a great impact on not only in its neighboring countries in North Africa but also in Arab world.

Anti government protests and demonstrations have spread across Egypt where people are highly inspired by the revolution brought about by people at grass root level which led to the down fall of President Zein El Abidine Ben Ali.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have protested in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

President Hosni Mubarak has clanged to power with his regime from last 30 years and people are deeply frustrated over soaring corruption, lack of justice and basic needs.

Thousands marched on the streets of Cairo, calling for ousting of President Hosni Mubarak. Hugely deployed police and security forces were not able to halt the marchers and protesters. In panic government blocked all sorts of communication like internet, cell phones in order to suppress the uprising.

People are demanding the ousting of Hosni Mubarak and they want a new government according to their wishes which caters to the masses at grass root and do not fill their own pockets.

Social networking websites like Face book and Twitter have played a great role in the uprising. Protests were called by a page set up on face book in the name of a martyred young Egyptian man who was beaten to death by the police.

Egypt has never seen before such huge uprising and display of anger.

No one is sure whether this mass movement will bring about a revolution in Egypt or not but one thing is sure that it will definitely bring a change, a change Egyptian people have long been dreaming about.

The revolution in Tunisia and the uprising in Egypt give out a strong message to the authoritarian regimes around the globe that no regime or reforms can withstand against the will of the masses at grass root level, kudos to the power of people.

1 thought on “Uprising in Egypt: an Impact of Tunisian Jasmine Revolution?”

  1. The recent uprising in Muslim countries of Africa and Middle East were envision by Alqaida leader Asama Bin Laden. He wanted the muslim nation to awake to the call and bring change into the the social fabric of their societies. What we have seen in Egypt is likely to spread to the rest of morarchies of Middle East as the repressive regimes are no more relying on military prowesses. The military has refused to fire against their own citizens. The wind of change is blowing weither you accept it or not but it has to come.
    I fear the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Wafaq of Behrain and the like other fanatics might not get hold of the trouble countries. If once they got hold it will spread to the rest of the muslim republic where people are already enjoying fundamental right and the right of expression. The women will lose their basic right of freedom and will have to cover their faces. Female education would be stopped or resptricted to particular universities and once again we will move to the bronze age. What Islam preach is the the freedom of individual it never restrict woman but teach them the phelososophy of covering body rather forcing them to follow. We have so many women in Pakistan covering their body as per islamic ethos on their own rather than to have been forced on them by family or law enforcing agencies.
    We want the actual Islam as it is the only system which can resolve the modren social, political and economic problem of the human being on this planet but this Islam should not be the one as eterpretted by our baised mulanas. They are hardly aware of the modren technology and social development of the modren world. They are pacimist and want to enforce their brand of islam against the progressive societies of the world. We should read the economy and social system of Malaysia. Being a muslim coutry they happily living with other communities of the world and their coutry is progressing by leap and bound.
    We should pray and work that Allah may send a pious man to lead us from the abysmal of injustices to the hight of purity and justice. Ameen


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