Unpopular Musharraf

An increase in the demand for President Pervez Musharraf resignation is in rising tempo. However, the fact of the matter remains that the consisting problems and consecutive mishaps the polity is facing would remain the same if he resigns today or tomorrow, for the reason that none of the political parties or any group can place a method or strategy ensuring an immediate relief for people of Pakistan. A resignation would surely serve as an easier exit for Musharraf in the current circumstances. He has already lost the chance to become a Mahathir Mohamad for Pakistan though remaining almost nine years in absolute power crushing each and every upsurge one way or the other. Before resignation what needs to be done by him is to undo the series of mistakes especially in post March ninth incidents in Pakistan that encountered all his efforts to remain popular.

With these developments insight, several indications on several occasions have been observed on Musharraf’s part when he very candidly conceded that the elections would decide whether he will remain in power or would quit as President of Pakistan. His logic to quit as a President still maintains a tone of military mindset personnel, as he has repeatedly been saying that he would quit only when he feels he has become unpopular. With last year’s hell number of blunders including assaults on freedom of speech and expression, the siege of constitution, the humiliating detention of supreme court judges as well as there families were witnessed as act of self preservation. After all the protests and security collapse made one after another for whom the civil society considered him responsible denied his legal popularity. Maintaining the cover of a popular figure in Pakistan made by Musharraf would need a re-definition of the term.

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