Unjust taxation

unjust taxationA Karachi businessman recently had a heart attack when he got a notice from the Income Tax department to pay a huge sum as income tax. It seems that his mobile phone bills alone had averaged more than fifty thousand rupees a month, even though his declared income had been only four hundred thousand rupees a year. This, along with the fact that he had taken his family on vacations to Malaysia and Europe last year, convinced the tax hounds that his real income was at least five times more than what he had stated on his tax returns.

Nothing wrong here. Tax evaders should be made to pay. But then there is another side of the coin too. Some men have more than one wife, they spend scandalous amounts on foreign tours and alcohol, they own properties worth millions, yet they don’t pay any income tax at all, because their income is derived from agriculture. What kind of justice is this? Income is income, whether it is earned by selling farm produce or trading in shares, and all income should be taxed.

Why is one section of the people taxed heavily while another is not taxed at all? Only in Pakistan can this abnormal situation exist. Shouldn’t the Supreme Court do something about this injustice?

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  1. Corrupt Politicians have all the sources of income through agriculture and they even stock those items like in Ramadan and earn lots of illegal money, sucking blood of the poeple.

  2. @ Mohammad Yusha: in western countries, you don’t find this kind of discrimination, everyone is taxed equally (whether it is just or not is another matter).
    @ Rana Mustafa: OK, all properties must be taxed, all wealth should be taxed, but one class of people (agriculturists) should not be exempted. Everyone should be given the same treatment.

  3. ok we also want to the descion of the suprem court about this metter

    but there should be a limit for the exemaption of tax on property
    land lord must pay the tax because thay hold a large properties


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