Unity is Needed

In order to solve the diverse and grave problems of the country, which are hurting it badly and painfully, the people of Pakistan should rise to the occasion and they should be ready for full cooperation and sacrifices.

Unity in the streets is the need of hour. People, from Karachi to Khyber and from Quetta to Kohat, should close up their ranks and forge the national unity which was once their greatest point of strength. If we want to survive in the cluster of nations, we need to bring back that passion of brotherhood back. We have got to wipe out our differences, if we want to progress. I cannot stress the point enough that unity is the key for our survival at this critical point in time.

The nation is faced today with alarming and pressing problems of terrorism, law and order, emergency, rising cost of living, settlement of issues between provinces, as increasing amount of corruption is hampering the way. To solve these problems, people cannot bank on government, because neither it has got the will nor the resources. People will have to work at their own while fully cooperating with each other and their own place, peacefully yet determinedly, to get prepared for the greatest sacrifices in this regard.

A supreme sense of sacrifice is required from the populace from top to bottom. Like our Muslim forefathers, like the British, like the Russians and like so many other nations, we need to sacrifice greatly to break the shackles. If we want to get out of our failures and if we want to achieve tremendous and lasting developed success, we need to sacrifice and we need to change our attitudes.

The early Muslims fought without resources fro the cause of the Islam, and were glorified because they were united and made sacrifices.

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