United States Started Iran’s Nuclear Program

The visible Iran US nuclear row has some forgotten facts from the history. The nuclear row between Iran and United States began in early August 2005 after Iran removed seals from its uranium enrichment equipment. Interestingly, it was United States providing the foundations for Iran’s nuclear program. It was in 1953 when a CIA supported coup deposed Mossadgeh bringing Reza Pahlvi as head of state. Then in 1957 a civil nuclear cooperation program was established under “US atom for peace program”. Tehran nuclear research center was also established in 1959 and was equipped with US-supplied 5 mega watt nuclear research reactor that became operational in 1967 fuelled with highly enriched uranium. Soon Iran also became signatory of non proliferation treaty

The significance of Iran’s strategic location was always known to the world powers in every era. Similarly United States was aware of the value of black gold present in abundance in Iran. The event changing these allies into enemies was the 1979 revolution. Since then Iran’s nuclear program has been targeted by US on various occasions. In 2005 when Iran started again its uranium enrichment program in Isfahan it was termed as breach of Paris agreement by UK official but being signatory of NPT enrichment is not a violation. These facts prove that world powers have always used other states for there interests and have turned into there enemies after there interests being served.

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