United States Air Force indulged in Witchcraft

United States Air Force doing Black Magic ritualsPractice of Black Magic and satanic rituals are increasing in the so called liberal and modern “West”. Be it the cults like Scientology, Church of Satan or lunatics like David Koresh, they are all followers of the Dark Side.

Recently, Washington Times reported that the US Air Force Academy indulges in Witchcraft. Reportedly, there was a ceremony to dedicate a pile of rocks in the academy’s “worship area for followers of Earth-centered religions.

This is a space cadets can use to perform rituals if they happen to be witches, warlocks and tree-worshipers. Overlooking the visitor center, the stone circle is designed for the benefit of a handful of those claiming to be Wiccans or Druids.

In a February 2010 article published on the academy’s website, the superintendent explained the pagan altar was required by regulations. “The United States Air Force remains neutral regarding religious beliefs and will not officially endorse nor disapprove any faith belief or absence of belief,” wrote Lt. Gen. Mike C. Gould. “The Earth-centered spirituality group that meets at the Air Force Academy falls within the definition of religion as defined in the United States Air Force Instruction 36-2706.”

All of the actual Wiccans and Druids died out hundreds of years ago. The religions of the barbaric tribes of Europe faded away as the Roman conquest brought civilization to the region. Teachings once handed down by oral tradition were entirely forgotten over time. Around the 1950s, fringe leftists enamored by the concept of worshipping the Earth adopted the ancient labels and pretended to follow the old ways. They just left out the inconvenient bits, like human sacrifice. “They have likenesses of immense size, the limbs of which are composed of wicker, that they fill with living men,” wrote Julius Caesar, describing a Druid ceremony. “After these are set on fire, the men inside perish in the flames.”

To ensure no modern-day Druid misses out on important ceremonies, the Air Force maintains a multifaith calendar. Last year, “Lammas” fell on August 8. “This is one of the eight major High Days of the Druid and Wiccan calendar,” the document noted. “High Day observances include evening prayer vigils and ritual dances. Wiccans and Druids (any Neo Pagans) on evening work shifts may request time off for High Day observances.”

And US Air Force is not alone in this. At Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, the Army hosted a live-fire demonstration of its new M855A1 ammunition which boasts an “environmentally-friendly projectile.” The new copper-tipped round gives military brass the opportunity to brag to members of Congress that they are “doing something” to heal the planet while waging war.

These neo-Pagan worshippers now have a federally supplied space they can call their own in the hills of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Source: The Washington Times

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  2. It is time that we try to correct our mistakes rather than blame others for it. Conspiracy theories we tend to grasp and that’s all. People have started to question Haqaani in U.S. now as Bin laden applied for a visa to come in to the country.

  3. So much for being a “crossroads of lifestyles” printing a smear piece full of inaccurate information and downright disparagement of others religious beliefs. May your beliefs be similarly recognized by others.


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