Unexpected Smile

I was at a party not long ago and a group of people started talking about one of my clients, commenting that as soon as you walk in their office, EVERYONE stands up, smiles and goes out of their way to greet you, from the receptionist to the junior analysts. They asked a guy who worked there if it was a company policy to greet people with smiles, to which he responded with a bewildered look, and a “no; it’s just a fantastic place to work.” It’s a circular relationship: happy employees happy customers =>.

I think it’s the unexpected smiles that matter the most, the things that suddenly make you smile. I was in the supermarket yesterday, perfectly happy in my normal fog of “where the heck have they moved it to this time”, when I heard a young girl happily, and loudly, singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which for no reason just made me smile. She was enjoying herself so much, sitting in the trolley, singing away. It was lovely.

Do you have encountered such unexpected thing ever, which made you smile?

I would love to hear it.

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