Unexpected Gems

Out life is a lesson and if we want we could gather numerous pearls of wisdom from our daily routines. We could extract opals of life from small and petty things. There also come many occasions in our life, when we are suddenly revealed to some new exquisite fact and some new unique reality.

There are moments in life and even our every day, that normally are unknown to us, droplets of wisdom fall upon us. If you keep your eyes open and focus on the small things, you will come across eye-opening and sometimes baffling gems in seemingly obscure and unimportant things. Life is a classroom, there are many many life-lessons to be learned out there. And to learn them, we need to be vigilant.

What is our wisdom, our intelligence, and our common sense? That is composed of precious lessons of life that make up our entire reservoir of wisdom. Sometimes you get wisdom from a down-to-earth talk, and sometimes you get wisdom from just merely observing a small dull routine. But you should be on your toes to catch every droplet that falls our way. I received this in my inbox today;

To Dream, It’s the source of inspiration,
to laugh, It’s music for the soul,
to love, It’s the ultimate joy life can give,
to pray, It’s the key to everything good…

When we look back on the days of our youth and mid-age, what will we see? Will we see the lessons learned in our daily routines. In the old age, you only survive through deja vu’s of the moments when you acquired the wisdom from a moment.

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