Several circumstances contribute and have contributed within Western societies to the problem of unemployment. For example, the constant changes in the modes of production, which today sees the advancement of automation and technology in many areas, and the rationalization of production management practices aimed at maximizing profit and reducing maximum cost.

Many people end up losing their work or they just cant find it because by age or level of education they are unable to adapt new technologies and sectors. All this has an impact on the quality of life on large sections of the population, which expects income and also feel threatened by often achieved fatigue. Some people argue that in order to enjoy life, it is necessary to consider your aim, while our western society feeds the feeling of insecurity and competition at work.

Truly our lives will be destroyed even in the years to come from this suffering, despite the indisputable progress made by science and technology? I do not think so. First, unemployment is not a new problem, but since the industrial revolution has changed the face of the West.

Above all it will be necessary to empower individuals, ensuring that they own the idea of continuing education, caring for their talents, autonomy in the development of appropriate training. Important education will be a widespread, but more importantly the willingness to learn independently throughout your life, even (and especially) outside the normal school.

Each of us needs occupations sufficiently attractive, well-remunerated, to alternate periods of work with periods of study, rely more productive within organizations, workplaces healthy and stimulating. Unemployment benefits are needed to prevent the development of pockets of poverty, give all training opportunities and change, give the people the chance to express their talents.

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