Unemployment having adverse economic and social impact

Any polity having unemployment faces adverse economic and social implications. Being a central problem unemployment wastes resources, reduces income thus increasing distress and depression in the polity. Unfortunately Pakistan is one of those developing countries that have offered its people less employment opportunities.

It is a general perception that the ratio of unemployment is greater in rural areas. This perception is supported by the fact that rural areas have less to offer as in urban areas industrial sector overcomes this drawback. But as trade and industry require skilled man power and people migrating from rural places to urban cities lack required skills thus this increases unemployment in cities as well. This is when unemployment demonstrates its adverse economic impact.

Individuals that come to cities often have sold their small but last assets to reach the cities, have no reasons or options of going back and when not finding a proper source of earning; they later are found engage in criminal acts within the cities. This is when the unemployment employs its adverse economic effect into an adverse social impact on the society.

In order to counter this menace government must make efforts to increase economic growth. Exports should be boosted through broadening the taxes while reducing tariffs. The agriculture sector should also be given due importance. More training institutes should be established.

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