Understanding Obscure Motives of Foreign Militants

People in Federally administered Tribal areas of Pakistan had been living in relatively peace before insurgency began as a product of US attacks in Afghanistan. The writ of government was neither challenged before by these tribesmen on any grounds varying from implementation of shariah nor were any suicidal attacks witnessed against government policies. It designates that militants today are using America as a deliberate distraction to obtain their actual agenda. And for this reason they have created a distracting atmosphere killing and attacking people. It is certain that they will keep fighting this war even if America suddenly vanishes from sight or leaves this region.

Just like Irish republican Army, merely a religious uprising before and later demanding a separate territory, these foreign militants have analogous persuasions which for a while are under the cover of implementing Islamic Shariah. There version of Islam is stoning women to death, cutting off limbs, threatening beard shaving barbers with death, blowing up girls schools, destroying 2000- year statues and killing doctors for administrating polio shots. Victory of such mindset would certainly transform this century into darkest of dark ages. With an agenda having no room for economic maturation and social justice the infiltration of these militants have hyperactively intensified rate of social crimes in tribal areas manipulating local culture and day to day life. Intellectual freedom leads to what have been Hallmarks of Islamic society but militants ironically have exempted these attributes due to there narrow mindsets. The tribal belt that has been termed as “Safe Heavens” by CIA director Michael Hayden presenting a clear danger to Afghanistan, Pakistan as well as West and Chairman of the US Joint Chief Of Staff Admiral Mullen viewing that next large scale attack on his country would emanate from this region, escalates the pressure on Pakistanis to fight against this enemy.

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  1. The birth of millitancy came from womb of injustice. Where there is injustice the people stand against it. some of them called freedom fighters and some are called terrorists. Its one’s own way of thinking.


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