Under the Rubble

Margala Tower after Earthquake 2005

I woke up that day from the comforts of sleep,

Sun had risen, as always it does,

Sensing neither a growl nor any peep,

I was about to buzz.

My wife was in kitchen and children at school,

No signs of peccary in my little hive,

I thought life would prevail, but I was a fool,

It was death that had to arrive.

Suddenly! Floor underneath started to shake,

The walls trembled and the roof crumbled,

Oblivious of reality, I thought its fake,

I fell down, concrete and rubble heaped.

My body stuck, I couldn’t move,

There was nothing but pitched darkness,

No light, in any crevice or groove,

Cries and moans shattered the hushes.

I could hardly breath or whimper,

Worries and pain went improvident,

As a man, I used to feel mighty and strong,

But now I knew Allah is the mightiest and omnipotent.

My ribs pressed against the heart, then ceased it,

I heard whispers shouting death… I was dying,

The clutches of death silenced my chest,

And I went on a journey; unknown to any living.

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