Unchanging constants

Change and inertia , these are two opposite natural tendencies inherently present in every human being. We cannot live without change, yet we resist frequent changes. The human being is designed to subconsciously maintain equilibrium between the two tendencies.

A very good example is of a person sitting in a bus.

The first thing he would do after being seated is to observe the environment, if nothing attracts him (means everything and everyone is behaving normally), he would start to look out of the window.

1. He wants changing environment.

He would not direct his eyes to the things nearest to him, but the farthest.

2. He does not like frequent changes in the scene, to minimize the change he looks as far as possible.

If anything or anyone interesting enough catches his eye, he would follow it all the way as he passes it, maybe even turn his head.

3. When he finds something he likes, he would like to remain in the moment.

These three observations led me to extract a thought that the human nature is to silently witness the work of nature, then choose aspects that correspond to his liking, become them, experience them and remain in them as long he likes, then move on to the next one.

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