Ulti Ginti of Judges Restoration

The matter of restitution of judges has become so much antagonistic and the strange thing is that despite of horrendous shortages of food, load-shedding, gas and other things, people are still focussed on this issue and they are not ready to let it go.

The reverse count down of the judges restoration started from when the federal cabinet took oath and ministers were finalized and government adopted it’s first formation. According to the count down just 12 days are left.

Lawyers and civil society is keenly watching and they are ready to launch a massive agitation throughout Pakistan if judges are not restored on the promised time by the Pakistan Democratic Alliance government till the chief justice of Pakistan and other judges of superior courts are restored.

I am optimistic and very much hopeful in good faith because soon after being elected to the office of Premier of Pakistan Makhdoom Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani ordered release of deposed judges from their house arrest. So the fingers are crossed for 12 more days.

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