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Last year, I wrote about deaths from eating and drinking competitions. I didn’t know that it was happening right in our backyard. There is a show run by a psychopath named Waqar called Living on the Edge. He insults participants, yells and screams at them, and rejects many without even giving them a chance to prove themselves, even after they have traveled from various places and spent the entire day waiting for their turn. This is not the disturbing part though.

The disturbing part is that he makes people eat things in a manner that can cause death instantly and makes them consume soft drinks, telling them that if they can drink it in a certain number of seconds, they can win. There have also been many other “dares” that could have caused death.

I don’t understand why people do this to themselves. Why would anyone go to a show only to get insulted and humiliated on TV, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and if given a chance to prove themselves, eat cockroaches, worms and indulge in life endangering acts?

Below is a video of Waqar making a participant indulge in one of his (life endangering) “dares”. What I find disturbing is that after the “dare” is over, Waqar tells the participant right away that if he drinks water he will be disqualified. After a few seconds, when it looks like the participant might end up dead, he says “paani peelo”.

The participant obviously refuses because unlike Waqar, he did not forget that he might get disqualified, even if he ends up dead.

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3 thoughts on “TV Show – Living On the Edge”

  1. i also do not like this tv show as well.this is completely disgusting show.Host himself and many of the participants are crazy. If these people really want to prove that they are capable of anything and they like challenges so they should do some nice and incredible task in their life in order to gain respect from societyinstead of doing foolish tactics.
    kindly be kind to yourself ant to others.

  2. Hi, Mohammad: Some people will do ANYTHING to get on TV, and TV will do ANYTHING to get your attention, and hold it through the commercials. We have a new social disorder in the US called “reality TV,” which is as you describe. Abysmal, stupid, peurile and moronic. When dear old Mama passed away, at age 92, I cancelled her TV, all 120 channels. When my brother called the media company to cancel, they said, we’ll need a death certificate to cut it off. He told them they didn’t need a birth certificate to sign her on, so they don’t need a death certificate to sign her off; go on, keep on sending her bills.

    Media can be really pushy.


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