Turn me gold

This story is also of Mirza Abdur Rahim Khane Khanan, the Minister of Mughal King Akbar.

An old woman with iron meant for cooking bread in her hand awaited Khane Khanan when he came out of the mosque after offering prayer. She started rubbing the soot laden iron pan with Khane Khanan staining his attire.

The fellow parishioners could not tolerate that and got hold of the old lady and her hob. But Khane Khanan did was not fell offended at all. He stopped all of them and ordered his attendants to weigh the iron pan in gold and give it to the old lady instead.

“Why are you doing this,” asked every one in chorus. Let what I have ordered get accomplished and I will let you know why, replied the Minister.

The old lady was given gold as desired by Khane Khanan and she took her way; praying, happy. Now Abdur Rahim Khane Khanan explained to every inquisitive, “The old lady thought I am that lustrous stone which has a quality to convert any thing that is touched with it into gold. That is why she touched her hotplate with me I am no lustrous stone but why disappoint her.

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