Turbid Political Horizon

Once again the political scene in Pakistan is hazy and uncertain. The instability and the uncertainty is the product of today. Despite of the mandate of the 18th February, it seems that still everything is in the shambles. Who to blame for that?

Obviously the onus lies upon the majority party, which seems to be an extension of the previous regime, and their unwavering occult support to the Draconian and forced regime of Musharraf is something very disgusting, and this is what is denying the change, and this is what is making things uncertain and the people are rapidly growing restless and the desperate household is common in Pakistan.

The delaying tactics of Pakistan People’s Party on the issue of the judges is very frustrating for the masses. Their inability and their disinterest to impeach or oust Musharraf is also very vivid and making them a pack of PML-Quish lotas. Their inability to solve any social issues and their tall claims and flimsy steps are also making them very unpopular, and they seem to be not understanding that like rulers.

My prediction is that this is the last time that PPP has come to the power intact.

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