Tu Hai Eik Aam Admi … Aur Ab Bas Nahi Hota

Yah right! You can’t just get away with that now. There’s no military dictator sitting over your heads, no one stopping you from marching out onto the streets, and what’s more, unless you are forgetting something, it has been just six months since you elected your own government into power. Not fair to disown it now. Or probably if you weren’t that BB jiyala rushing off to the booth to cast your vote on that “historic” day as we were told it was going to be, you probably have no one else but just the “aam” admi to blame for the “bus nahi hota…”

Ask those moaning the Zardari presidency today and most will come up with a ready-made answer, “We voted for BB…” as if BB was going to be the one who was going to be handed over power once PPP won the elections. The presidency has sure been a wake-up call. The PPP sympathizers who were blinded into seeing everything right about the party manifesto didn’t realize that they were falling in the same cycle that has always brought us back to square one, of victimization and redemption to start all over again in our experiment with leaders. And we thought the Pakistani people had grown up, with all the media presence and the lawyer’s movement or maybe it will take another 8 or 9 years for them to mature into the democaracy frame of mind the way it happened for military dictatorships.

As of now, gotta accept “kaisi hai qismat hamari, pehlai musharraf phir zardari”. This time no one else is to blame. The people of Pakistan made him the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He may very well drive out in Mercedes, fly off to all parts of the world, make more of this country his. As long as we don’t’ heal it, the system won’t fix it.

Like people, like leaders. That’s the greatest irony of a democracy.

Gotta live with it.

10 thoughts on “Tu Hai Eik Aam Admi … Aur Ab Bas Nahi Hota”

  1. For Sale;
    Mother for 5$
    Motherland for much less.
    Benazir (Sold OUT)
    Asif Zardari (Name yur price)
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    Aitiraz Ahsan (sorry thats Aitizaz not what he duz Aitraz)
    Mushu baba (main chali main chali dekho us ki gali koi rokay na mujhe main chali main chali) P.S Musho take that NRO wid u , bush may need it in future.
    Elder Chowdaries. Not for sale coz u cant understand a word he says, bad bargain.
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    Welcome to Bikao nation where every thing is for sale………

  2. wherever you mention “choice” in governance, it has to be democracy because ppl may very well like a dictator but there’s an equally strong possibility that they won’t like another. And when people reject a dictator, they basically reject dictatorship because dictator is all there is to a dictatorship. Not the case with democracy though. Rejecting a democratically elected leader doesn’t mean ppl are rejecting democracy, they are simply rejecting a temporary outcome of it. So if democracy is a choice of the ppl or not, they have to accept democracy if they want to have a choice atall.

    As for grooming the pple, dmeocracy and more democracy is the only solution to that. Hopefully, if this system keeps running, it’ll only expose zardari even more and ppl will not elect him again and whether you acceept it or not, these “masoom”, honest, “aam” aadmi is the one who votes for the candidate who can get them out of jail through his contacts with the supritendent, or who can get their land disputes resolved. There goes ur “aam” farmer for one. We are a very crafty nation, running after our individual interests and that’s true for everyone of us. As long as it dusnt hurt me, i wont raise a voice against it.

  3. Zardari’s election victory proves that if you have the money, you can buy anyone you want. And, as everyone knows, he has a hell of a lot of money! But then, didn’t someone say that Pakistanis would sell their own mothers for five dollars?

  4. Elections is means to an end and not the end in itself..they are just an element of democracy and NOT the entire process. We shouldnt lose hope and determination by easily giving up on corruption and unislamic practices. The western societies have flourished beacuse the dont meddle in anyones affairs if that doesnt concern them. What Musharraf Sb did to amuse himself or what Zardari sb does is no ones concern. Its but the policies of the nation state that need to be checked ‘n accounted for. I think this system should run and run unless it hits the freakin rock bottom and/or take up from there. !!!
    no need to runaway outta country folks..calm down..calculate and watch!! Allah will help IA!

  5. asma is democracy is the choice of the majority of people. Unfortunately we are quite use to our ritual blame the govt typa life. When mush was in power nobody liked him and when zardari is here he is just worse. The truth remains we need to groom our people to atleast know the art of preference. I refuse to accept that our majority are mindluss corrupt individuals , we aren’t its just that we don’t use our rights fully. Lakeer k fakir jahah lagao wahan lag jatay hain!! . We need to keep our sanity even in the current and get the hopeless atittude out of our system. The only reason why people believe we don’t deserve democracy is because we ourselves have choosen to be spoon fed!!. We need to understand what self empowerment means

  6. It’s in urdu because that probably explains best the convenient way out that most ppl in this country are opting for; disowning everything about the presidency, and isn’t this the “popular”, much talked about song that just came out? which has tried unfortunately successfully to catch on the “can’t do anything”, pretending-to-be-helpless psyche of our society…

    And watever you said is exactly wat im trying to say too. In our society “naik woh hai jiss ko moqa nahi milta…” (the only part i like abt the song)…from down bottom up to the very top. and we have gotten away with blaming democracy, a little too many times now.

  7. Why is the title in Urdu? and why is this posted in lifestyle instead of current affairs?

    Blame the system, blame democracy, blame kismat etc.etc.etc. but don’t look at the truth.

    Musharraf did not go door to door telling people to go to prostitues, drink alcohol, indulge in honour killings and to rape every women they see. Pakistan is a country full of criminals and scoundrels and therefore Allah will only appoint a leader that is the same. A criminal and a scoundrel. Asif Ali Zardari.


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