Truth is evident

Editor’s Note: Following is a thought provoking piece revolving around story of a boy who lost his life while declining to surrender in front of mobile snatchers. The author emphasizes on the role of Ulema and the kind of guidance they should give. He urges everyone to fight individually against all the evils of society for betterment, no matter how less the strength is but to fight for honor and pride and avoid corruption at all levels and stages of life is important.

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Written by: Farrukh Hassan

3 thoughts on “Truth is evident”

  1. Do we know why the world is suffering today????
    Because of the violence of bad people????
    No… no…. no
    Beacuse of the silence of good people.

    I second the thoughts shared in this article. I think its high time to react against evil, against injustice, against violence, against crime, against terrorism…!

    The martyrd guy has done a great job and set a great example for the society. And I think, if one percent of the population starts reacting like him, the entire picture will be changed.

    May Allah give him a better place in heaven. May Allah shower His blessings on him and on all his family members, especially mr. Farrukh Hasan. Aameen.

  2. A very thought provoking narrative. I know people who left the coutry due to evils in our society, I also understand leaving is no cure unless we clean our hearts and solmnly declare our allegiance to Islam and Allah. The entire nation is to blame for it. The role of ulema is also worth lamenting where they are also drawn in politics whether at street level or at national level. The see “dunya” first like any commoner and so the teach the same. May Allah give us guidance to differentiate between black and white and perseverence to stick with the truth Ameen.

  3. This is exactly the foundation of any successful society where we care for truth, right and selflessness. I wish we have the similar strength to stand by the truth.

    Ciminals know that we they attack one member of this so called society, no one else will come to help. We are into a situation where we dont believe in standing by the truth. I feel I am also one of them. May Allah forgive us all and make our hearts opened to his true message (Ameen).


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