True Wealth is Islam

‘A person’s true wealth is the good deeds that he does in this world.’

This is what our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) has told his ummah.

If we keep this in mind we will save both ourselves and others from falling into the swamp of evil.

In today’s world people are obsessed with showing others that are better than them. Better than them in wealth. But have we ever thought for how long will the monetary factor of our lives last? We all agree that money is a very unreliable aspect of life. One day you will be high up in the sky and when the market crashes so do you. Still we continue to strive to improve our monetary status. If our sole aim in life is to just earn lots of money by hook or by crook, we might achieve our aim but wouldn’t be able to retain it. You would ask, how is it possible that I earn so much money and am not able to retain it?

The answer to it is simple. Once when a person is infected with the bug of greed for more it is very difficult for such a person to retain not just money but a lot of essentials aspects of a mature and decent life.

He will be tempted to invest money here and there, to make double and triple of it and if he loses all his money and more in such schemes he would weigh his options. (A) Lets commit suicide and leave the troubles behind, or (B) I will do anything now to come out of the debts etc. Little knowing that this is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride to hell.

But if one is content with life and accepts that success and failure are both from Allah, such thoughts would, insha’Allah, never cross his/her mind. If we properly adhere to Islam that also teaches us the way to lead our lives successfully we would, insha’Allah, always have peace in life.

Islam teaches us to be organized and prudent in all matters of life. It tells us strive for a livelihood but do not lose your self-respect and think carefully in all matters. It emphasis on being patient, ‘Be patient. Patience is the most important of all things.’ (Caliph Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (r.a.)). It explains the combination of patience and knowledge, ‘Acquire knowledge, and for acquiring knowledge learn to be calm and clement.’ (Caliph Umar (r.a.)). It teaches us to, ‘Learn from the past and labour for good.’ (Caliph Uthman (r.a.)). It stresses on increasing knowledge, ‘Knowledge raises the low, but ignorance brings down the might.’ (Caliph Ali (r.a.)).

As long as one yearns to be close to that which rattles his faith, his closeness to Allah, that person will always be troubled and sorrowful, will be ascribing partners to Him in order to find a path that leads him away from the burden of his sins.

This saying of Caliph Uthman (r.a.) should be engraved in our conscious and unconscious mind: ‘Allah gave you this world so that you may seek the Hereafter with it, not for you to desire it.’

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