True Love

Sometimes I ponder the question “What is meant by true love?”, is it what we watch in movies or the one which we see in our colleges and universities? Does true love exist? Or, it’s only the fatal attraction being responsible for relationships.

Whenever I try to find the answer of this question from my self, I only get the answer in affirmative but the response of my soul to love is different.

True love is free from materiality and impurities. It does not require exchange of expensive items but the exchange of personal feelings and thoughts. Love does not means going to parties, discos or dating but only care, consideration, attention and response. True love means bonding of souls, it is the source of satisfaction, strength and confidence.
True love does not mean the feelings among youngsters of the opposite genders but can be with anyone, like GOD, parents and children, sincere friends and humanity etc.

Not only the true love but the pain which it contains, and the heart broken in love, are the blessing of GOD because it is only the broken heart that feels the sorrows and miseries of masses and considers them as its own. The heart, full of joy and happiness can never feel the agony of the others, but the one, full of tears; and wounded soul can better realize the basic purpose of creation.

The face of true love has been acidified by hookers. These days guys are more interested in getting their “time passed” and gals in receiving expensive gifts as a fees for entertaining guys. We can easily find Romeo-Juliet everywhere. In the name of love, youngsters are spoiling the society, is it what they understand from “LOVE”?

In my view, true love is the most precious gift of GOD, only got by the chosen ones, it is the eye-opener. With its help only, we can discover ourselves and get properly the purpose of our creation.

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