Triple Blasts in Lahore during procession

Pakistan has been hit by the Tsunami of crisis these days, a chain that seems to have no end unfortunately. Yesterday evening just after iftar three blasts ripped through the Yaum-e-Ali (RA) procession in Lahore, a city of eight million near Pakistan’s border with India. The procession was to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Hazarat Ali (RA), the fourth caliph of Islam and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Around 30 people lost their lives (although various news reports claim the toll to be between 27 or 35) while more than 200 wounded, including women and children.

The first blast occurred in the middle of the procession at Karbala Gaame Shah Imambargah and was followed by two high intensity suicide blasts at Bhaati Chowk within 20 minutes span when The procession was about to end under strict security. The incidents site is near the famous Data Darbar which too was targeted by suicide bombers in July, leaving 42 people dead.

Many Vehicles and public property including a police station had been set ablaze by infuriated memebers of procession along with pelting policemen with sticks. The security provided to the procession was easily breached by the suicide bombers and once again Lahore bleeds. It has been first major blast since devastating floods engulfed a fifth of the country over the past month.

According to Geo TV, a banned organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Al-Almi claimed responsibility of the deadly blasts. The attacks have come on the day when The United States formally added Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to its blacklist of foreign terrorist organizations subject to travel and economic sanctions. The TTP is suspected of being behind most bomb and suicide attacks across Pakistan.

President, Prime minister and every political party has condemned the act. Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had announced a compensation of Rs500, 000 for the heirs of each of those killed and Rs75, 000 for each injured person, which are obviously not enough along with words to condemn such attacks and express sympathies with the bereaved families. An injection of serious and factual efforts towards stability of the country by the government and people of Pakistan is the urgent need. We will not let all of our spirits and hope die for the sake of those who are within us to destabilize Pakistan.

اٹھو پھر سے زمین کھودیں ، اور اس میں اپنے دل بو دیں

کہ اس بے رنگ جینے سے ، نہ تم خوش ہو نہ ہم خوش ہیں

Image: Daily Express

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  1. @LCDR William Speaks: I have noticed you are frequently commenting at various blogs and websites. An attempt to win hearts and minds? Not gonna work when you bomb civilians every other day.

    You will continue to deny the ground realities so I am not getting into another argument. Here is however a report by “your” CNN, saying:

    The CIA created and controls a paramilitary force of 3,000 Afghans that conducts clandestine missions targeting al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Pakistan, a U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday.

    So you have dragged your war in our territory and now your trained militia is killing our people. Great.

  2. Abu Hamza, let me first address your “not our war Scenario:” It is ironic to hear accusations about the US “dragging” another country into a conflict we ourselves had no choice in. Without stating the obvious, if your civilians cannot leave their houses due to fears of suicide bombings and it is your countrymen that are conducting these attacks, it is homegrown insurgency and your own war. If militant groups are threatening your media, your military, your government while kidnapping and training your children– then it is you national security they are compromising. Let’s not fall into some obscure denial by making feeble excuses for militants and the lame reasons they give for the carnage of casualties they leave behind, and admit that these militant groups are at a war and this war happens to be with you, the US, and anyone that stands in the way of their power grab.

    Accusations of Blackwater and ulterior motives for providing logistics support: the stories about Blackwater/Xe are pure nonsense, offered without a shred of evidence, but are attractive to those whose preconceived notions cannot survive contact with reality. But let’s just assume for a second that your paranoia is justified – now, do imagine the incompetency of the Pakistani government, military, its media and citizens and the colossal lack of vigilance in a heavily populated country to have completely overlooked this elaborate “covert operation”. It is humanly impossible for any country to pull off a stunt of this level, all the while remaining invisible. Much like you, I am exposed to these conspiracy theories – however, it is beyond me that during this era of mobile technology, camera phones and internet that some ‘imaginative’ accusations have fooled so many people. The truth is that other than the information the U.S. military and government has already provided; proofs, sightings or any otherwise agendas are completely lacking in evidence, and it is plain laziness to fall for such a hoax without looking further into it.

    Civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq and FATA and WMD: Yes, we have been engaged in a long war and it has provided the population of these countries with some excellent results, and also highlighted some of our mistakes – which we have always candidly and regretfully admitted. Unfortunately, in a situation of a combat, with a constantly maneuvering enemy that often uses civilians as shields, these mistakes become inevitable. However, beside the United States, can you name any other country that has engaged in a decade-long war and attempted at keeping the casualties at a minimum, resulting in incursion of heavy costs for itself?

    Transparency: What do you think these “militant groups” are? the UNHCR? I, being well aware of the fact that these groups lack even an iota of humanity must admit to portraying a lapse of judgment on my part to have expected semi-honorable behavior such as transparency or accountability from them. Although, I also can’t help but notice your own amusement at such a ridiculous demand– Could it be that you yourself know better?

    The bottom line is that it is rather easy to toss around scenarios and blame someone else for the out-spiraling violence in any nation. United States is an ally of Pakistan and it will continue assisting the Pakistani military and will attempt to clarify any misgivings and apprehensions that come along with this territory. United States will not allow the Pakistani military operation to be undermined or compromised as a result of ‘imaginative thinking’ and will continue to neuter these militants and make these nations a safe place for the incoming generation.

    LCDR William Speaks
    United States Central Command

  3. @Sofia: First of all I would like to point out that Pakistan has been dragged into a war which is not our own. We, as a nation, are paying for the blunders of Musharraf and his cronies. This war has been forced on us first by asking us to open access to our airbases and roads in the name of “logistics support”. America is in Afghanistan since last 9 years and what have you achieved, except massacre of hundred of thousands of civilians? On the same note, what have you achieved in Iraq? Have you found the WMDs? Ths answer is quite obvious.

    Pakistan has been dragged into a war where we are confronted by terror within and across the borders. You should know that we have been targeted from two fronts. Firstly, our neighbours train and fund terrorists to perform espionage and false flag operations in our lands. Secondly, the state has been a victim of retaliation and revenge by those whose families are lost in drone attacks and military assaults in the tribal areas.

    I would like to know how much the citizens of Pakistan have been compensated from this loss, to date?

    You said, “the US is leading the entire world in the flood relief efforts ” .. Sure, you are leading the humaintarian effort from one hand and bombing civilians of FATA from the other. Applying Carrot and Stick theorem?

    I am sure you know who is behing these militant groups, from where they get their funds and who’s pulling the strings. If not, why don’t you check this out first.

    You said: More importantly, all US military personnel in Pakistan are there at the invitation of, and with full knowledge of, Pakistan’s government. They are there to do nothing more than support Pakistan’s military in their fight against these extremists.…. Heard of Blackwater/ Xe Services? What they are doing in Pakistan?

    And I love it when you ask: how much transparency these militant groups have provided the Pakistani citizens? Transparency? What do you think these “militant groups” are? the UNHCR?

    America has a history of oppression. From Vietnam to Libiya, Sudan, Iraq and now Afghanistan. Your establishment thrives on the fears of common men, feeding them one crap after another. First there was the fear of communisim, and now Islam.

    Its high time you should reconsider your approach towards the world and start treating those who live beyond your borders as human beings.


  4. Since the beginning of 2010, there have been a total of 298 attempted and successful suicide bombings claiming 1114 lives and injuring 2681 individuals – not only this but, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Laskhr-e-Jhangvi and Lashkr-e-Taiba, there-after have boasted of these attacks to the national and foreign media outlets. It is rather obvious that militants have always used suicide bombings as a staple behaviour for intimidation, and blaming such obvious crimes on a foreign entity is not only counterproductive to the US’ efforts within Pakistan but also serves the Pakistani soldier’s sacrifices rather poorly. In such a time period when the US is leading the entire world in the flood relief efforts and has pledged over 200 million USD — and provided more than 30 helicopters to distribute aid and rescue those in the affected areas, while Taliban out of contempt tear down bridges for the drowning, it is embarrassing to be blatantly accused of an enemy’s actions. Blaming the US in this careless manner is not only irresponsible but also damaging to all of the efforts that are being dispensed at annihilating terrorism within Pakistan. Does it not matter to you that the militant groups have claimed responsibility for these latest atrocities, and promised more?

    To address the youtube video – it is a simple fact that once a speaker chooses to address bits and pieces of a book, the main point is often lost to the audience and such selective examination can warp the audiences’ understanding of the subject. The book in question is nothing more than a discussion of US interests in this region, which had been neglected (the book was written in the 1990s) and nothing more. To construe this as evidence of specific plots is absurd, and even moreso when contrary evidence is staring you in the face. Do you really think you are helping your fellow citizens who are being murdered by TTP terrorists by promoting this nonsense?.

    The bottom line is that the U.S. has remained extremely transparent in its alliance to Pakistan. The U.S. officials have made concise and clear statements (terms of Kerry-Lugar Bill) displaying their exact intent in Pakistan which happens to be a sole interest in joint efforts against the militancy. More importantly, all US military personnel in Pakistan are there at the invitation of, and with full knowledge of, Pakistan’s government. They are there to do nothing more than support Pakistan’s military in their fight against these extremists. May I ask how much transparency these militant groups have provided the Pakistani citizens?

    Sofia Choudhry
    United States Central Command

  5. It is quite unfortunate that the terrorists once again succeeded on
    September 1 in their nefarious designs of creating chaos and confusion
    in Pakistan’s society. The miserable incident that took place in
    Lahore on the day of Hazrat Ali’s martyrdom shocked everyone. Three
    bombings in half an hour and the loss of innocent lives added yet
    another disaster to the history of Pakistan. A minister of Punjab
    stated that he was satisfied with the security management of the
    procession. Where did the security vanish when the bombing occurred?
    Why Punjab Government failing to clamp down camps of
    Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Where is Rana Sanaullah could he vindicate murder
    of innocent people?. Why pml-n is patronizing these terrorists
    outfits, just for the sake of vote bank at the cost of innocent lives.
    PML-N ministers and CM Punjab must realize that people elected them
    for their safety and their security not the protection of terrorist

  6. Since Bush left the Neo-cons have left with him from US establishments. They are replaced by Obama and War-Hawks like Zbigniew Brzezinski. You should read his book “THE GRAND CHESSBOARD – American Primacy And It’s Geo-strategic Imperatives,” Zbigniew Brzezinski, Basic Books, 1997.

    Check out the video by US journalist: or read his article .

    I don’t know why almost all of the local media and blogs fail to see beyond the facade of some people conducting illegal warfare in the name of Islam and real enemies the US policy makers like Hillary Clniton & Zbigniew Brzezinski who endorsed Obama. As a nation we are afraid of what America might do if we expose their filthy policies. Unless we grow backbones our fellow Pakistanis will be killed in same manner and we can do all the talks shows and blog posts we like but it won’t solve this mess.

  7. I feel sorry for the loss of lives and I blame organisers for hold this event. What was the objective of such event knowing law and order situation.

    These people will rather hold a rally than helping people in need. I do not understand the logic? Is it the act of Hazrat Alt (R.A)?


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