Tony Blair

Though Tony Blair, the prime minister of England is not popular in Pakistan, more than President Musharraf, but he is one of most heard names in media, after Musharraf and Bush. On 10th May of this year, Tony Blair addressed his nation and revealed to them that he had decided to step down from prime minister ship on 27th June of the same month, by giving his resignation to Queen of England.

In his emotionally rich speech, he asked English nation to decide themselves that whether his 10-year long era tenure was a failure or a success. In his speech, he also thanked his family for their support. In the end of his speech, he said that, he did what he considered right and in the best interest of his nation.

No. 10 Downing street, which is the residence and office of British prime minister has seen its 51th resident in the form of Tony Blair. In 1997, Blair managed to snatch a resounding and land-sliding victory for his Labour Party and after 18 years in the opposition, Labour Party came into the treasury benches.

Though his era is marked with many good steps for English people, like the boom in economy, strengthening of political process, reduction in poverty and un-employement rates, rise in the living standards, huge sum of money expended upon schools and hospitals, control in inflation etc.

But at the international level, he remained very controversial and would not be remembered as the best of statesman in international affairs. His most talked about mishandlings include measures which increased prejudices against Muslims in English society, backing of Israel against war with Lebonan, war in Afghanistan and Iraq and relations with Iran.

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