Tolerance is not the monopoly of any religion

While studying the literature of western world regarding Islam one comes to a conclusion that the picture they paint illustrates them as intolerant society. They are sketched as military minded and short tempered ineligible to communicate. There is a reason for this propaganda that has been used as a scapegoat by these like minded western societies to highlights the rivalry that is based on prejudice.

It is a universal fact that all prophets and reformers in the history have only preached humanity as a code of conduct for life. But it has been the followers of that specific religion that have contributed to violate the fundamental teachings of their founder. History is evident with numerous facts where it has always been the Muslims discouraging apartheid that has been an important disgusting attribute of un-Islamic communities, in spite of the fact that none of there messengers never preached such manifestos. It was because of this reason that a Negro became Khalifa of Islam, unlike United States of America who is still coping and discriminating its common citizen on these bases. And Obama, the Presidential candidate of democrats in the upcoming General Elections is finding it the most difficult aspect to win an election.

In 21st century when the world is working towards making the earth a peaceful place and large, huge but feeble demonstration are in place by the world powers; they still have not resolved yet how to eliminate and tolerate the notions that have worked in accelerating there growth as individuals. Who is intolerant and unjust? What yardstick is to be used for defining the intolerance on these subjects of interest?

Well said by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto that, ‘tolerance is not the monopoly of any religion’. Propagating and humiliating any religion on the basis of an individual or community’s act is intolerance in itself. Provoking public sentiments is a larger sin and sign of intolerance when a religion, culture or historical heritage is targeted for gaining power and subjugating others.

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