To Whom Shall We Vote?

Ok, Babu and Bibi, I take your word for it, and I agree to poll my vote. But I am in a great quandary as to whom should I bestow my vote upon? Both of your candidates are as bad as each other, and their other alternatives are just as bad, if not worst.

That is the basic predicament faced by millions of voters across Pakistan. Whether you ask from upper class or middle upper class or from the lower class, people aren’t simply interested in voting. Those who are just don’t know a heck about the objective of elections, and the current national and international affairs, and about why it is important and why it isn’t.

Whether Pakistanis are voting or they are not, there is a striking similarity in their opinion about the elections. They know that their vote has no value and it isn’t going to change anything. They just laugh the argument out that full participation in the election will enable them to root out the dictatorship and will pave the way for dream democracy. They know the futility and romanticism of the argument that only by casting their vote they can keep the bad guys out of controlling their destinies.

In itself things like democracy, elections, and votes are good thing, as they enable a society or nation to elect what they deem best. Through elections, they can decide what’s right and wrong for them. Through voting, they can elect the best candidate suited well for the pubic service. But that’s alien to Pakistan.

Here, for starters, majority of people are ignorant and illiterate, and they take elections as just another funfair to enjoy at the expense of the candidates. The candidates themselves are the biggest thugs, goons, smugglers and criminals of the area. In most constituencies, Biradari system (Fraternity System) rules, and people blindly vote for the candidate from their Biradari no matter what. In Pakistan, it’s the politics of hard cash and Biradari.

So I am ready to vote wholeheartedly, but I have no one to vote to, but hoodlums and thugs.

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  1. I think we need to look at tthe things rationally and analytically…..Since I am scientist by profession. And not very much into Politics….but I have gone throug the whole course of Pakistan’s history, creation, and forward politics….stepping of ARMY in Govt affairs….ARMY under US instructions…reaaly shamefull to write….we have traitors much in ARMY than in elsewhere….

    Mistakes are by Humans ….but this should not to the level that your decison should EGO centric.

    I much more to write …but ….it will be fire blasting for everyone…I know we cant fill the space after ZAB….but ARMY is just like boneless chickens…

    Lastly, I would say, Wake people….and stop being part of American Agenda…Be what you are and eat what you have ….Zia did mitake …and hanged ..ZAB …as he had sold his concious, sould and Pakistan’s future, identity, independence and soverignity in hands of US. I have no vote for anybody. …..I LOVE PAKISTAN …

  2. I have the same sorrow over the creation of BanglaDesh ….out of united Pakistan …but is not it …better to liberate BD since they were in majority with unique culure, values, living style, language (biggest differntiator)…..and my firnds this seeding for being independent nation for BD had been done in and after 1948 ….and India had supported it alot since that time and was successfull in doing it so secretly… However, in 1971 situation could have been controlled… sharing power betwwen the two leaders under one Pakistan for their respective territories, East Wing to Mujeeb West Wing to ZAB. If Army would have behaved sensible…this incident could have been avoided. India was taking full advantage of mistakes by ARMY rulers…where politicians bahaved very slefish …but again if the majority was not to be part as of Pakistan … they shoudl have been liberated without having a genocide… ARMY has lost its credibility …by creating such a mess…

    When Pakistan has lost the WAR….the signs of Shame were cleaned and removed by ZAB …when he told bluntly to UN as not taking papers for surrender… After that not only this, he was the one who successfully reached to agreemtn with India in Simla …to have equal basis with India … and many of he issues were resolved. Pakistan ARMY ….has been very cheap and traitor for thier own country …and taking money & orders from US and hanged ZAB…

    I have ready histoy …not much …And have not found any revolutionary leader like ZAB in Pakistan’s history …who had such support by people…..of his country. He was being considered in US as leader to unite Islamic countries…and there will be another threat to US as Muslim Super Power…already US was planning to break USSR through Pakistan …Pakistan under ZAB and his policies would have never supported US for Afghan WAR….Zia not only sold his concious …and soul to US but also the independence and propsperity of People of Pakistan to US…. and today we are slave….having … differnt groups with same religion Islam…. killing each other,…..

    In presence of ZAB …US could not have reached to its target USSR and its conversion into Russia ……He was true politician …that was and is need by Pakistan … after him

    ZAB’s background was feudal …and could have done mistakes in his career…could be hungary for power…..but he was one who coudl not be replaced yet… He knew the myth of politics …and independence to prospertiy of a State…if you dont believe…. Go find literature on web …and his videos in the market …you will know the reality …and be ashamed of …that pakistan people lost him …by keeping silent in Zia’s time( I may not be wrong to call Zia as Bonless chicken with no identity….and zero self seteem) … I stronlgy believe…I f we have boney men in ARMY …they would lead ARMY as institution of Govt …but not as Govt…

    Zia could have dealt the situation differently…..and today Pakistan could have been differnt …

    As last comment … We are under traitors …elsewhere in Pakistan …No matter they are in ARMY or as politicians …. We are hijacked …many times and again we are…

    Talk to you later….see u …bye ..

  3. Yes, very true, Bhutto was the first civilian Martial Law administrator. Power is always transfer as per the law of the land. Quaid-e-Azam was appointed Governot General of Pakistan By the King of Great Britain, according to the constitutional act of 1935. Pakistan was unable to make her own constituion till 1956, there fore, the crown og England endorsed all appointments of Governer Generals and Prime Ministers till 1956. In 1971, Law of the Land was Martial Law, Bhutto Shaheed was bound to take oath under that. And because he was a civilian, a people’s representative, there fore he lifted Martial Law within 4 months, he did not drag it like the military dictators.
    Today, the power is with Musharraf, he is to take decisions. If he fails to take proper decisions, he will be responsible. In 1971, power was in hands of General Yehya, He was to drcide. Problem is we have found scapegoats in Bhuttos. Jamaat-e-Islami was killing Bengalis, her 2 organisations were busykilling them, Al-Badr and Al-shams, but my brother, you continue hating Bhuttos, jamaat was perhaps killing innocent Bengalis to give govt. to Mujeeb.
    May Allah show all of us right path. Bhuttos have sacrificed another life for this country on 27th, but still they are traitors.
    May Allah save our country, Aameen.

  4. I’m older than you, Mr. Amjed Alvi. In 1977 I was 33, and I have hated Bhutto ever since he played a major role in the breakup of Pakistan. Actually, Bhutto should be called Bab-e-Bangladesh. If he had accepted Shaikh Mujeeb as the Prime Minister of the country, we would never have been so humiliated as we were in 1971. And it was the same Bhutto who was the first and only civilian martial law administrator of Pakistan. This same man vioated the 1973 Constitution a few minutes after it was adopted, by suspending fundamental rights. For no reason at all, he dismissed the legally elected governments of Balochistan and NWFP, leading to rebellion in some parts of the two provinces. And by nationalizing industries and educational institutions, he ensured that Pakistan would always remain backward. If you want to vote for the PPP, go ahead, but remember, its present chairperson has been dismissed twice for corruption, and has been fined and sentenced by a Swiss court.

  5. Yongsters will be surprised to find an aged person in their blog, but I want to share my views with you. I will vote for the PPP. Why? I tell you. I was young, 25 yeras old, in 1977. That was the time i polled my first vote in any election. I was very enthusiastc. Bhutto was Prime Minister of Pakistan. Like many others, I also wanted to see our opposition strong, and i voted for PNA. Then came the allegations of rigging, and again i was overcome by the propagande of the so called Islamists, renamed their struggle for re election to “Tehreek-e-Nazam-e-Mustaffa”. I was shocked to see how the whole lot jumped to the lap of dictator Zia when he imposed Martial Law. They forgot every thing about Nizam-e-Mustaffa, and happyly beame ministers in dictator’s cabinet. Amongst them were the whole lot of the seniors of todays parties, thew Jamaat-e-Islami, the Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam, the Muslim League, The ANP, the Tehreeq-Istaqlal, now Tehreek-e-Insaf playing the same role. Then I realised that what i blunder i had made. and till today, I vote for PPP to compensate that blunder. I do not want to commit an other blunder, I cannot trust these Great Cheaters, the people who use Name of Islam for their personal gains and interests.

  6. I posted similiar blog at my blog page ( and since am a regular visitor of this blog, i thought to drop my comments here.
    I agree with you Fahd that the irony of the thing is that we have to choose a lesser evil for there is not a single option which deserves our votes. I was wondering that since every one is facing the same problem, why cant we do anything about it?
    I think that the real question, and our objective should be to come up with a solution to this problem, even if this problem is not solved in this election, we have five years to achieve this objective and solve this problem till the next elections inshAllah and keeping in mind the history of Pakistan, i am sure it will take less then five years that we will face another round of elections.
    M J K


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