Be Positive

Have we ever wondered why we always try to look at the negative side of Pakistan, why we are always in search of something worst happening in the country to talk about, Is this because all the bad things are happening in this part of the country? I believe NO, its not like that, whats happening here is happening in most of the world but the people around the world are wise enough to show the positive side of their country to the world and here each one of us always try to discuss negative aspects.

What do you think, terrorism is only in Pakistan, no one says anything about India who sees more than 15 different blasts in a month. The reason is simple when a blast happens in Pakistan, our great media leader GEO spends more than 48 hrs showing the blasts and showing the dead, on the other hand Indian media which is strong enough only displays such a news but only once or twice. Geo TV I believes is reflecting the worst Pakistan and now it seems that this channel is working to demoralize Pakistani people more and more. Listen to when it says “AYE ALLAH, AJ HAM PHIR INTESHAAR KA SHIKAAR HEIN ” telling all around the world whether someone knows or not that we are in disparate condition. India, Bangladesh, Africa and many others never shows they are in bad condition themselves. International markets don’t need to find the bad factors they just switch on GEO to see what’s bad going on. Can anyone tell when they last time see good news in GEO headlines about Pakistan. It means nothing good is going on here, right but the same time same days we found people around us doing good for themselves and for country.

Why our media don’t show Pakistanis who scored extra ordinary well in the O/A levels internationally, why our media never shows documentaries on how great nation got the nuke power, why our media never shows the rule of Pak army in UN, Did they ever tell that Saudian and Zimbabwe’s armed forces are trained from Pakistan.

I just want media to keep the balance, they spends hours to show blasting Pakistan and not even minutes to show what’s going good in the country. Our toppers from all boards at each levels must be shown on media so they can become the landmark. Our scientists, local and foreign scholarship holders must be shown to lift the spirits. I hope my advices if media persons listen help to give a better image of my beloved country around the world.

The readers of Chowrangi will definitely want to add more in that. So come forward we have to show our country as beautiful, no one from outside will come to show this.

4 thoughts on “Be Positive”

  1. “The bridge that falls makes much more noise than the bridge that stands.”, and media wonks just lo-o-ove noise.

    There are four kinds of news, methinks:
    1. News that you hear. (What they want you to think.)
    2. News that you don’t hear. (What they don’t want you to know.)
    3. News that you need to hear. (See number 2.)
    4. News that you don’t need to hear. (See number 1.)

  2. hey i be tu r rite…..our paki media is definitely exagerating the real scenario…i 100% agree with you Mr.Malhotra….

  3. Alright they are showing.. but not the extent GEO use to..
    The people outside pakistan are getting the worst picture just because our media is showing all this.. we should also highlight the better part of it 2

  4. Dear Malhotra,

    Please tune in to Indian Channel Star News, since yesterday it is showing nothing but what happened in Ahmedabad after the 16 bomb blasts. Geo (against whom you have an intense hatred) is not the only channel which shows the bad news. In fact, we should see and hear the bad news because only then can we know what’s wrong with our country.


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